The Honorable Woman



Shlomo ZaharyPlayed by Igal Naor

Family friend, cunning businessman and surrogate uncle to both Nessa and Ephra, Shlomo has been at the heart of every major transaction that the Steins have masterminded since they came of age, and his relationship to them stretches back to when they were children. Intensely loyal to the Steins, he's a proud, brash man, full of energy and vigour who isn't afraid to speak his mind and doesn't care who he might offend in the process. That said, he has nothing but love and the utmost respect for Nessa and her brother, though this is tested like never before when a key business decision worth millions is awarded by Nessa to one of his direct competitors, owing to an apparent indiscretion. Is the damage irreparable or will Shlomo rise above it and prove he can be trusted by coming to Nessa's aid when she needs him the most?