A SundanceTV Original Series
Starring Maggie Gyllenhaal (Secretary), Stephen Rea (The Crying Game) and Janet McTeer (Damages)


Zionist arms dealer Eli Stein is assassinated in front of his children Nessa and Ephra.

29 years later, Nessa Stein is running her father’s company, having shifted its focus from weapons to communications in pursuit of the peace process. Nessa awards a contract to Palestinian Samir Meshal, who is promptly murdered.

Kasim, the young son of Atika, Ephra’s nanny and mistress, is abducted.

MI6 spy Sir Hugh Hayden-Hoyle investigates Meshal’s death.

A kidnapper warns Nessa they know her secret. Nessa asks for proof and the man replies, “You burned my face.”

Flashing back to eight years previous, Ephra, heading the company while Nessa works behind the scenes, announces plans to facilitate education in Palestine with a grant.

Nessa meets Atika, her new translator, for the first time on her way to announce the Palestinian initiative.

Nessa discovers Ephra provided an additional, unannounced grant to a Hamas-controlled institute which may have been funneled to terrorists. Atika offers to help Nessa gain entry to Gaza to investigate.

The women are captured en route to a meeting with Atika’s Palestinian contact.

Julia meets with CIA-connected MI6 agent Monica Chatwin, who tells her Ephra worked with MI6 to arrange the reallocation of education funds to secure the release of an Israeli soldier, violating anti-terrorist policy at the behest of the Americans.

Monica tells Julia she can provide her with evidence of the corruption in exchange for the promise she will be appointed Julia’s deputy in the future.

A guard rapes Nessa while Atika watches. Atika sets the guard on fire in retaliation. Nessa becomes pregnant, revealing the present-day kidnapper, a badly burned Palestinian, as Kasim’s father and herself as the boy’s mother. Nessa agrees to carry the child to term in exchange for her and Atika’s lives.

The imams banish the rapist, who turns out to be the son of the terrorist leader who ordered Nessa’s father’s assassination.

Atika tells Nessa to give her Kasim and allow Atika to raise him as her own to protect Nessa’s public image.

Monica Chatwin secures Nessa’s release on the condition that Ephra step down as head of The Stein Group and install Nessa in his place.

In the present day, Ephra tells Nessa he knows the truth about Kasim.

Nessa meets with another Palestinian contractor, Jalal El-Amin, who reveals that he’s been groomed by the kidnappers to replace Samir Meshal.

Chatwin tells Nessa that Israel has a wiretap on Stein-affiliated Palestinian communications. Nessa traces the tap to its source, which turns out to be Ephra.

Nessa confronts Ephra. He reveals that agreeing to the deal years ago was the only way to get her out of Gaza alive.

Next Nessa confronts the Israelis, telling them she’s aware of her brother’s betrayal and threatening to expose their corruption if they don’t support El-Amin’s bid for the contract.

Sir Hugh uncovers evidence that the CIA intercepted Meshal’s communications via the wiretap and had him killed.

Sir Hugh confronts Ephra with the truth about his deal with the Israelis. Ephra confesses he already shared the truth with Monica Chatwin years ago. Sir Hugh tracks calls made by Chatwin to confirm that she orchestrated the scheme in cahoots with both the CIA and the kidnappers.

Sir Hugh confronts Nessa, who identifies a man photographed meeting Monica as the kidnapper and Kasim’s father.

El-Amin flees the groundbreaking ceremony as a bomb obliterates the site.

Meanwhile, Ephra and Atika sneak off to a cottage in the countryside for a mid-day tryst, when Rachel appears to confront them. Atika tells Rachel to leave, but before she can respond a sniper kills Ephra.

Ephra’s assassin, the burned man, appears. Atika, now clearly in league with the terrorists, tries to convince him to spare Rachel’s life. Rachel manages to shoot him and demands answers from Atika. MI6 dispatches agents to the location and capture Atika.

A Zionist group posts a message claiming not only Ephra but Nessa’s assassination.

Sir Hugh theorizes that Meshal, a go-between for Palestinian elements and the CIA, inadvertently alerted the Israelis to the conspiracy’s existence, and the CIA eliminated Meshal before the Israelis could get to him.

The Secretary of State condemns Israel’s failure to prevent Nessa’s killing and announces that the US will no longer oppose Palestinian statehood.

Sir Hugh offers a detained Atika the chance to visit her terrorist group and try to rescue Nessa, who was spirited away from the bombing alive.

Atika joins Nessa in her cell, explaining that her family was killed by a Stein-manufactured bomb. Atika takes Nessa to the terrorist group’s leader, Zahid, who tells Nessa he ordered her rape and the murder of her father and brother, then apparently frees her.

Atika tells Zahid she didn’t know he ordered Nessa’s rape. Zahid reveals to Atika that Nessa will actually be executed in the desert and tries to murder Atika to prevent her from interfering, but she turns the tables and kills him. Atika tracks Nessa down and sacrifices herself, facilitating Nessa and Kasim’s escape.

Dame Julia has Chatwin killed. Sir Hugh retires. Nessa visits Rachel and her newborn in the hospital.

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