A SundanceTV Original Series
Starring Maggie Gyllenhaal (Secretary), Stephen Rea (The Crying Game) and Janet McTeer (Damages)

11 Ways to Prep for “THE HONORABLE WOMAN” Series Finale

Can’t wait to find out what happens on the series finale of THE HONORABLE WOMAN, Thu., Sep. 18 at 10/9c? Instead of staring at your calendar, sign-up to receive a reminder, then check out these eleven ways to go deeper into the political thriller.

1. Watch video interviews with THE HONORABLE WOMAN star Maggie Gyllenhaal (Nessa Stein) as well as Andrew Buchan (Ephra Stein), Stephen Rea (Sir Hugh) and Janet McTeer (Dame Julia).
2. See photos from every THE HONORABLE WOMAN episode as well as surveillance photos of the characters, the Stein Family photo album, and behind-the-scenes photos with Maggie Gyllenhaal, Andrew Buchan, Janet McTeer, Hugo Blick…
3. Test yourself with quizzes for every episode as well as for cast members Maggie Gyllenhaal, Andrew Buchan and Stephen Rea.
4. Can you tell fact from fiction? Play Two Truths and a Lie with Maggie Gyllenhaal, Stephen Rea and Janet McTeer.
5. Download the LAYAR Augmented Reality App to your tablet or mobile device and scan the images to get insider information and clues about the characters.
6. Think you know who’s who? See which character is beneath each card and find the match with THE HONORABLE WOMAN matchup game.
7. See who’s hiding what—sift through the confidential files of Nessa Stein, Shlomo Zahary, Rebecca Lantham and Samir Meshal before they’re shredded.
8. Listen in on phone taps of Nessa Stein, Ephra Stein, Sir Hugh, Atika, Dame Julia and Rebecca Lantham to hear more of the story.
9. Find out how honorable you are, then find out which Maggie Gyllenhaal character you are most like.
10.Read an interview with THE HONORABLE WOMAN star Maggie Gyllenhaal (Nessa Stein) as well as Andrew Buchan (Ephra Stein) and series creator Hugo Blick.
11. The Dark Knight, V for Vendetta, Waking the Dead — vote for your favorite career-defining feature from THE HONORABLE WOMAN’s Maggie Gyllenhaal, Stephen Rea and Janet McTeer.

And because we know you can’t wait, here’s a sneak peek of THE HONORABLE WOMAN series finale.

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