The Honorable Woman

Get More From “THE HONORABLE WOMAN” With the Two-Screen App Layar

Want to take your viewership of THE HONORABLE WOMAN to a whole other level? Then you should check out the two-screen content being generated around the series by SundanceTV using the Layar app. Here’s how it works.

1. Download/install the Layar App on your iOS, Android or BlackBerry device.

2. Hold your device over images featuring the Layar app logo that come through your Facebook feed for THE HONORABLE WOMAN or as they’re added to this two-screen app gallery.

3. Tap the screen on your iPhone, Android or Tablet to scan the image. (You’ll notice the screen “glows” when your device reads the picture.)

4. Check out what happens next!

Ready to begin? Here are four two-screen experiences created specifically for THE HONORABLE WOMAN premiere.


1. Decode a hidden message specifically about tonight’s episode.

2. Get insights on Nessa Stein, the Maggie Gyllenhaal character.

3. Get a sneak peek by seeing a rear view mirror shot—followed by who’s looking at that reflection.

4. Learn where Mustapha Shamar’s concert—featured in tonight’s episode—is actually taking place in London.

SundanceTV will be rolling out new two-screen app experiences for THE HONORABLE WOMAN every week. Follow THE HONORABLE WOMAN on Facebook or check in to the two-screen gallery through the weeks ahead.

Watch THE HONORABLE WOMAN Thursdays 10/9c on SundanceTV.