A SundanceTV Original Series
Inspired by New York Magazine‘s back page pop culture roundup, hosted by comedian Neal Brennan

Episode 4: Who Died and Made You Cool?


Who is defining what's cool these days and why do we care so much? Neal Brennan tries to get to the bottom of this with help from Amy Poehler & more.


Our definition of "cool" has undergone a massive transformation and the real "revenge of the nerds" is upon us with thick-rimmed glasses being the new bomber jacket. Host Neal Brennan, writer and actress Naomi Ekperigin, British writer and TV host Dawn O'Porter, New York Times bestselling author Derek Blasberg and CollegeHumor’s Streeter Seidell try to figure out "Who Died and Made You Cool?" with special appearances by Amy Poehler and Eugene Mirman.