The Approval Matrix

“THE APPROVAL MATRIX” Uncensored: Recapped and Revealed (Do’s & Don’ts)

Panel includes: Dawn O’Porter, Hannibal Buress, Host Neal Brennan, Lisa Birnbach and Donnell Rawlings.

These days marriage is outdated, sex is reshaped by porn, cigarettes are forbidden, weed is legal and the Pope can be barely considered Catholic. On THE APPROVAL MATRIX: “Do’s & Don’ts,” Neal Brennan is determined to get to the bottom of the contemporary attitudes that have changed so rampantly over a single generation. Must we rewrite the rulebook of acceptability in order to avoid the risk of falling into a kind of social chaos where anything and everything goes? “Everyone loves boobies,” according to British TV personality and panelist Dawn O’Porter. So then why not just let them hang out?

Perhaps because — as Neal suggests — people will inevitably push the boundaries too far. Just because men are no longer expected to pay for women on the first date, for instance, doesn’t mean they should be sending dick pics to their dates on the way home from the bar.

A rulebook starts to emerge among our panelists… “I don’t even want to say the word[s] dick pic!” says novelist Lisa Birnbach. Obviously, despite our free society, there are a few unspoken “don’ts” that still apply.

Traditionally, the Pope and other religious figures have told us what we’re not allowed to do behind closed doors. But if Hannibal Buress can, as he suggests in a conversation that doesn’t air, talk to God just as easily and run faster than any Pope, then why should we trust his judgment more than our panelists’? There is no reason at all.

So let’s talk about sex.

Porn? “Inherently misogynistic,” says O’Porter. And anal? “That’s not the way we get down,” declares Donnell Rawlings. What about the increasing visibility of public promiscuity among both men and women? “I don’t think it’s cool at all,” comments Birnbach.

With freedom, Amy Poehler says in an interview with Neal, lives become more complex. Rules create order, which makes us feel safe. But as we hear more from the panel and watch as our showrunner Rory Albanese interviews a geriatric group at a nursing home, we find that every new generation defines itself by its own standards, but that doesn’t mean we all agree on what the rules should be.

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