The Approval Matrix

“THE APPROVAL MATRIX”: 5 Questions with Comedian Julie Klausner

Just in time for THE APPROVAL MATRIX premiere, featured panelist, NYC-based author, podcaster, and comedy writer-performer Julie Klausner gives advice to Millennials, admits her fear of James Franco, and fantasizes about hearing someone uncensored.

Q: What social media platform encourages the most despicable lowbrow behavior and why?
A: Snapchat. Unless the kids have a new way of showing each other their private parts and I have yet to know about it. Put it away, Millennials!

Q: Which highbrow TV show had the most despicable jump-the-shark moment? What was it?
A: Oh, when Freddy, the “magical black man” character on House of Cards, got an offer for his rib shack to become a chain restaurant. That was the minute I gave up on House of Cards Season 2. Soon, they abandoned the Zoe death storyline, the deep web was forgotten except for that one guy’s guinea pig, and all that talk about a threeway was really just good old-fashioned gay sex that was commenced once Robin Wright gave her blessing. 
This is a tie with Homeland’s entire third season, with all the Brody torture and that time Carrie dipped out of a yoga class as a cover to act on behalf of Brody’s awful daughter. And then she gets caught at the end, and Javadi is like “You’re in good shape. Must be all that yoga.” MUST BE ALL THAT YOGA is not a thing a terrorist says!!!!! 
Q: Who is the most brilliant at reframing lowbrow behavior so it seems acceptable?
A: James Franco. He could launch a free porn site or, even worse, the next TMZ, and reframe it as performance art. And I’d believe him! Also, Morgan Freeman. Nobody believes it when he acts out because he’s like America’s grandpa. 

Q: Is there a Highbrow-Brilliant celebrity that you’d secretly like to see uncensored?
A: I’ve been saying publicly that I’ve wanted Terry Gross to let her hair down for years. 
Q: Where do vegan snack bars fall on the Approval Matrix and why?
A: Midway between Highbrow-Brilliant and Highbrow-Despicable depending on how much chocolate is in them.

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