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“THE APPROVAL MATRIX”: 5 Questions with Transsexual Adult Entertainer Bailey Jay

Transsexual porn star (and featured panelist on THE APPROVAL MATRIX: “America’s Hall Monitors”) Bailey Jay talked to us about the staleness of “tranny hooker” jokes, her love for Amy Schumer’s lowbrow humor, and the lack skinny vegans in her life.

Q: What social media platform encourages the most Lowbrow-Despicable behavior and why?

A: I’d have to say Twitter is definitely the ideal breeding ground for spineless, moronic behavior. You don’t have to share your real identity and you have access to those who are doing better than you in life. That’s a perfect storm for insecure people to be belligerent.

Q: Which highbrow TV show had the most despicable jump-the-shark moment? What was it?

A: I don’t typically watch “highbrow TV” per say. But I will say, as a transgender woman it can be pretty disappointing or at least annoying when I watch a brilliantly written show like 30Rock or Bob’s Burgers and then the onslaught of “tranny hooker” jokes come pouring in. I’m all for irreverent comedy, and I’m not even so much offended as a trans person as much as I’m offended by the stale material. I just feel like the “tranny hooker” thing is a little hack at this point. It feels very ’80s.

Q: Who is the most brilliant at re-framing lowbrow behavior so it seems acceptable?

A: I imagine most people would say Louie CK. But I have to say Amy Schumer. Easily. She’s hilarious. And I always say that any offensive joke can work if it lands. Her jokes seem to always land beautifully. And she doesn’t take you on a long journey to the punchline so you don’t have a minute to be offended before you’re crying laughing. 

Q: Is there a Highbrow-Brilliant celebrity that you’d secretly like to see uncensored? 

A: Gary Oldman after a few drinks. I’m already cringing. 

Q: Where do vegan snack bars fall on THE APPROVAL MATRIX and why?

A: I’ll say Highbrow Despicable. It’s not hurting anyone but I find most vegans to be incredibly obnoxious. And why don’t I know any skinny vegans?! Explain that to me! 

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