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“THE APPROVAL MATRIX”: 5 Questions with Radio Host Frank DeCaro

THE APPROVAL MATRIX: “Fame Monster” airs Mon., Aug. 18 11/10c, and featured panelist, radio host Frank DeCaro gives us his opinions on Lowbrow-Despicable tweets, Bill Clinton’s ruse and how he’d like to see Julie Taymor.

Q: What social media platform encourages the most Lowbrow-Despicable behavior, and why?

A: I adore Twitter and I spend far too much time on it. But the relative anonymity of that particular social media platform brings out the worst in some people. I’m bitchy on Twitter – especially about celebrities – but I would never tweet to Madonna and say, “Die you old hag!” which I’ve seen! I’d have to be really good friends with her to tweet that.

Q: Which highbrow TV show had the most despicable jump-the-shark moment? What was it?

A: Remember when CBS premiered that show Hostages last fall? Of course you don’t. No one watched it. But it was supposed to be a very “cable” political thriller, even though it was on a network. In the second episode, the kidnappers shot blanks at their captives, and, I’m paraphrasing terrorist claptrap here, the leader said, “Sometimes mind games are more lethal than bullets.” Yeah, right. If you’re too chicken to splatter Tate Donovan’s brains on the wall, you’re too stupid to watch, even for free.

Q: Who is the most brilliant at reframing lowbrow behavior so it seems acceptable?

A: Bill Clinton is the god of reframing and, for the last time, he did not have sexual relations with that woman. Apropos of nothing, there’s a store near my house in New Jersey that’s called “Once Upon a Dress.”

Q: Is there a Highbrow-Brilliant celebrity that you’d secretly like to see uncensored?

A: Yes, I’d love to see Julie Taymor at her huntiest.

Q: Where do vegan snack bars fall on the Approval Matrix and why?

A: Brooklyn. Don’t ask.

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