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“THE A WORD” Recap: Episode 106 (Lost)


David and Pavel pick up Joe on the road.

Paul sleeps on an air mattress at the Fellside. Sally wakes him up to prepare for the gastropub’s soft opening.

Maurice stands at Louise’s front door, but gets cold feet and bolts.

Paul’s chef informs him that the pot washer called in sick. Paul asks Terry to fill in.

Alison tells Joe to get dressed for the soft opening.

Stuart drops off Rebecca at the Fellside. Paul asks her to keep an eye on Joe while they prepare for the opening. Alison sets up floral arrangements. Eddie tells Nicola he accepted a job offer in Manchester.

Joe opens a hot oven in the kitchen. Maurice stops him and tells Alison and Paul that he’s taking Joe out for a while.

Maurice brings Joe to Louise’s house. He invites Louise to the soft opening but she declines. He pulls her aside, leaving Joe and Ralph in the kitchen.

Luke shows up at the Fellside with his mother. Paul takes Luke’s alcoholic drink away. Luke storms out.

Rebecca chases Luke down outside. He gives her a note and leaves.

Louise rejects Maurice’s suggestion that they date. Ralph informs them that Joe disappeared while playing in the garden. Maurice runs out to find Joe.

Rebecca shows Nicola a poem that Luke wrote for her. Nicola tells her that Luke lifted the poem from Simon Armitage. Rebecca calls Luke to tell him that she knows the poem wasn’t his.

Alison kisses Paul and assures him they will work through their problems.

Nicola tells Eddie that she doesn’t want to move because she might be pregnant.

Maurice goes to the Fellside and tells Alison and Paul that Joe is missing.

Police question Ralph at Louise’s house. Meanwhile Bob Herd and a police team meet with Alison and Paul at the Fellside. Alison gives Bob a photo of Joe.

Eddie and Nicola look for Joe at home but find no sign of him.

Paul tells Alison that they should inform the police about Joe’s autism. Alison hesitates. Bob requests more details about Joe and asks Alison and Paul about Joe’s “hearing” problem.

Alison and Paul tell a volunteer search team that Joe is “different” from other 5-year-olds and may not respond to his name when called. Bob steps in and tells the crowd that Joe has autism.

Bob asks Maurice if Ralph seemed “over familiar” with Joe, alluding to an incident years earlier. Maurice says the incident was debunked and that Ralph would never hurt Joe.

Alison stays home to greet Joe in the event he returns.

Rebecca posts a Facebook message about Joe. Paul catches a glimpse of derogatory comments that Luke posted about Rebecca. He trash-talks Luke.

Bob presses Ralph for more details about Joe. Louise firmly tells Bob that Ralph is telling the truth.

The Hughes family, townspeople and police search for Joe. Night falls. At home, Alison grows desperate and screams Joe’s name outside.

Maurice tells Alison that bullies once accused Ralph of touching a girl’s leg on the bus, though they later admitted it was a lie. Alison tells Maurice to stay home while she looks for Joe.

Alison goes to Louise’s house and questions Ralph about Joe. She brings up the bus incident. Louise angrily reiterates that Ralph doesn’t know where to find Joe.

Alison finds Paul in the woods and cries. Paul gets a phone call.

Bob shows Alison and Paul a trove of Joe’s belongings that Nicola discovered by a lake. Alison recognizes a toy as one that Rebecca had just given Joe that day, meaning he recently stopped by.

Rebecca and Tom run into Luke and Dan in Dan’s car. They trade angry remarks. Dan and Luke drive off.

Luke spots something on the road and tells Dan to pull over. He runs over to a bus shelter and finds Joe sitting on a bench with his headphones on.

Police drop Joe off at the Fellside, where he’s reunited with Alison and Paul. Paul thanks Luke for finding Joe but doesn’t let him off the hook for mistreating Rebecca.

The Hughes family gathers in the living room at home. Alison asks Paul to put Joe down to bed.

Alison visits Louise and apologizes to Ralph. Ralph ignores her apology and goes upstairs. Louise tells Alison that townspeople have been posting hateful messages on Ralph’s Facebook page. Alison assures her people will forget. “Ralph won’t,” says Louise. She warns Alison that she, too, has a child that is different.

At home, Nicola informs Eddie that the pregnancy was a false alarm. Eddie admits that his first reaction when she told him about the possible pregnancy was, “Am I the father?” He declares that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship plagued with mistrust.

Alison and Paul snuggle in bed with Joe.

Eddie leaves Nicola, suitcase in hand. Nicola tells him to stay but he walks out.

Rebecca joins Alison, Paul and Joe in bed.

Maurice jogs at night and leaves his headlamp at the bus shelter where Joe was found.

As the Hughes family sleeps, Joe sings Ron Sexsmith’s “Secret Heart.”

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