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“THE A WORD” Recap: Episode 105 (Goodbye)


Maya, David and Pavel pick up Joe on the road. Officer Laing stops and questions them.

Stuart, Alison’s ex-husband, drops off Rebecca and stays for tea. Paul, barely able to tolerate Stuart, leaves for work.

Officer Laing informs Alison that Maya is being held for an expired visa and that she is from Ukraine, not Poland, as everyone thought.

Alison tells Nicola to drop Joe off at school so that she can help Maya.

Rebecca and Tom run into Luke and Dan at the bus stop. Rebecca realizes Luke has been telling all his friends about the sex they had.

At the station, Alison demands to see Inspector Bob Herd, who is Maurice’s best friend.

At school, Joe carries out his repetitive routines with more intensity than usual.

Dr. Graves encourages Nicola to apply for a doctor job opening at a friend’s practice in another city.

Alison asks Bob to turn a blind eye toward Maya and storms out when Bob refuses. Afterwards, she encourages Maya to marry David, her boyfriend, to gain E.U. citizenship.

At the brewery, Alison intently watches Maya and David talk in the next room. Maya asks David to act like they’re discussing marriage, even though they’ve broken up. David calls Alison insane.

At the brewery, Maurice orders Alison to apologize to Bob. Alison refuses.

Maurice tells Eddie that he’s mismanaging the brewery. Eddie accuses Maurice of clinging to the brewery and warns Maurice that he’s been approached with other job offers.

Paul picks up Joe at school. Miss Rees informs him that Joe was out of sorts.

At the brewery, Eddie asks Paul how Joe is faring after the police incident. Paul insists Joe has already moved on.

Alison sits Joe down and explains that Maya will be leaving. Paul claims Alison is the only one panicking about Maya’s departure.

Nicola encourages Rebecca to seek revenge on Luke.

Maurice sees Louise at a bar while getting drinks with Bob. Bob asks Maurice if he has a relationship with Louise.

Rebecca warns Luke to keep quiet or else her aunt will look up his medical records at Dr. Graves’ office.

Maurice tells Bob about his relationship with Louise but says he misses Sandra, his wife. Bob seeks Maurice’s permission to ask Louise out. Maurice later sees them singing at the bar.

Alison tries to discuss Maya with Joe. Joe ignores her and sings.

Later at school, Joe sits alone and covers his ears. He grows upset.

Maurice goes to Louise’s home and asks if she slept with Bob. She denies it. Maurice asks again in the middle of his voice lesson. Louise accuses him of only liking her once Bob started liking her.

Nicola urges Alison to tell Paul about her reluctance to have another child. She points out that parents of autistic children often separate.

Alison and Nicola visit Paul at the gastropub. Paul gets a call from Joe’s school and leaves immediately with Alison.

Nicola asks Maurice to cut Eddie some slack. Maurice gets defensive and mentions that Eddie has lined up other jobs.

At school, Mrs. Fox tells Paul and Alison that Joe threw a major tantrum. Alison explains that they’re losing a beloved babysitter, but Paul refuses to let Joe dwell on Maya.

In private, Paul accuses Alison of making Joe sad about Maya. Alison says that Joe’s tantrum was a healthy way of expressing his emotions. Their argument continues at home, as Alison insists that Joe needs to learn to express his feelings. The doorbell rings.

Dr. Graves stops by with Nicola to inform Paul, Alison and Rebecca that Luke’s mother called him about Rebecca’s threat. Rebecca apologizes but maintains that audacity is sometimes necessary to achieve results.

Over dinner, Nicola tells Eddie that she turned down a job near Manchester because she likes their new life.

Rebecca tells Nicola and Eddie that she’s thinking about moving to Stuart’s house so that Alison and Paul can focus on Joe. Nicola advises her against running from her problems.

Maurice apologizes to Eddie for yelling at him and proposes they co-manage the brewery. Eddie says that Maurice retired too early and insists Maurice manage the brewery himself.

Paul, Alison and Rebecca hug Maya goodbye. Joe hangs back. Maya plays Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” and makes the “horned beast” sign with her fingers. Joe finally looks at her and makes the same sign. She leaves.

Alison and Paul continue to fight about Joe. Alison storms off. Paul takes out the trash and finds the package for the morning after pill. Alison admits that it’s hers.

Paul tells Alison that he wants another baby because he wants to “father a normal child.” Alison reveals that she does not want another child. Stunned by the news, Paul goes outside.

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