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“THE A WORD” Recap: Episode 102 (Home School)


Joe walks down a road and listens to “World Shut Your Mouth” by Julian Cope. Pavel, David and Maya pick him up and drop him off at home.

Paul digs a ditch at the gastropub.

Alison takes Joe to school and observes him on the playground. Joe plays alone.

At home, Alison tells Paul they should remove Joe from school. Paul proposes that they instead tell the school about the autism diagnosis, but Alison insists on a second opinion.

Alison distributes a home-schooling schedule to the Hughes family and asks them to sign up for time slots.

Maurice takes Joe for a walk.

Alison seeks Eddie’s permission for Nicola to contact Michael for a second opinion on Joe. Eddie angrily points out that Alison has given him no choice.

That night, Eddie urges Nicola to contact Michael.

The next morning, Nicola applies lipstick in the bathroom then removes it.

Alison watches online autism videos in the kitchen. She barely looks up when Rebecca asks about breakfast. Rebecca stomps off.

At the bus stop, Rebecca rejects her boyfriend Luke’s idea of borrowing a tent so that they can make out.

At the brewery, Maurice criticizes Eddie for allowing Nicola to see Michael and also for not firing his employee Maya. He accuses Eddie of being too nice and fires Maya himself.

Nicola applies lipstick in the car, then meets Michael at a cafe in Manchester.

Paul stops by a school for autistic children.

Michael reviews Joe’s medical paperwork and agrees with the autism diagnosis. He offers to refer Joe to a speech and language therapist and stresses the importance of keeping Joe socialized.

Paul tours the autism school.

In town, Alison sees Maurice sitting outside a pub with Joe and yells at Maurice for not picking a more engaging activity.

Maurice sees Louise in the street and runs the other way. She mocks him for hiding from her.

Alison takes Joe to a movie. She snaps at a kid for making fun of Joe.

Michael tells Nicola he misses her. She admits to missing him, too. He urges her to apply for a job opening in London. As he takes a phone call, she leaves without saying good-bye.

Back in her car, Nicola finds eight messages from Eddie. Meanwhile, Eddie paces in his office.

Alison leaves the theater with Joe but he runs back inside to watch the movie again. She texts Rebecca to say that she’ll be home late.

Rebecca reads Alison’s text at home. She then sees a note from Paul letting her know he’ll be home at 8. She texts Luke. Luke comes over and they make out in her bedroom. He takes out a condom. They stop when she hears Eddie.

Downstairs, Eddie walks in with pizza for Rebecca. As Luke leaves, the unopened condom drops on the floor.

Over dinner, Eddie advises Rebecca to hold off on sex unless she really wants it.

An exhausted Alison puts Joe down to bed.

Nicola returns home and snuggles up to Eddie on the sofa.

The next day, Alison constantly watches autism videos at work.

At home, Paul takes away Joe’s music devices and asks him to read for 10 minutes. Joe demands music and throws an aggressive tantrum. Paul turns the music back on.

Nicola informs Alison that Michael agrees with the autism diagnosis. Alison questions Michael’s judgment.

Paul tells Alison that home school is not working and shows her a brochure for the autism school. Alison argues that surrounding Joe with autistic children would only make him more autistic.

Eddie finally questions Nicola about her meeting with Michael and asks if she was still attracted to him. When she says yes, Eddie angrily asks why she couldn’t just lie for his sake.

Eddie helps Paul build a wall at the gastropub. Paul admits he’s over budget and unable to pay his contractors.

Nicola visits Dr. Graves so that he can sign Michael’s referral papers. She calls him out for missing Joe’s autism diagnosis.

At the food truck, a customer inquires about Joe’s absence from school. Alison says Joe enrolled in a secret gifted and talented program. She sees Joe standing on the gastropub roof.

Alison drops Joe off with Eddie and insists it’s just for a couple of hours. Eddie calls Maya.

Paul arrives home to find Maya playing with Joe in the kitchen. He later complains to Alison that babysitting costs will accrue if they continue to home school.

Paul finds a “For Sale” sign in the garage and posts the sign outside the gastropub.

Nicola and Eddie make out in their kitchen. Dr. Graves stops by to offer Nicola the job.

The next morning, Joe walks down the road with his headphones.

The Hughes family frantically searches for Joe when he doesn’t turn up at home. Eddie receives a text from Maya that she has Joe.

Paul and Alison go to Joe’s school, where Maya found Joe standing outside. Alison tries to bring Joe home but Paul tells her Joe clearly wants to go to school. He walks Joe inside.

Alison sees the “For Sale” sign and confronts Paul. He explains that Joe is going to need a lot of their time and energy then accuses her of removing him from school because she’s ashamed. She storms off.

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