Starring Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola
Airs Thursdays 1 am/12c


Airs Thursdays 1 am/12c
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Rosehaven Recap: Episode 206


While getting ready for work, Emma (Celia Pacquola) tells Daniel (Luke McGregor) she was kept awake by the sound of him having sex with Grace (Katie Robertson). She asks Daniel not to flaunt all the sex he’s having since she’s recently single. 

At McCallum Real Estate, Daniel and Emma discover that someone has graffitied the office with a tag that reads “SD.” Mrs. Marsh (Noela Foxcroft) informs Daniel that Bruce (Sam Cotton) will be needing to find a new rental. Daniel plots ways to get Bruce back for all the times he bullied him in school. Emma suggests Daniel forgive Bruce and move on. 

Bruce arrives at McCallum to look for a rental. Daniel tries to slam the rental book on him but Emma suggests Bruce look at listings online. Daniel asks Bruce if he graffitied the office. 

In the car, Emma suggests Daniel forgive Bruce. She also vows to find the perp who did the graffiti. 

While visiting a rental home, Emma and Daniel notice that the tenant has added art installations to various rooms. Daniel tells the tenant, Adam (Ted Wilson), that he won’t get his deposit back since he made changes to the rental property. Adam says the changes are all part of his art. 

Barbara (Kris McQuade) tells Daniel they will blacklist Adam and get another tenant. Emma thinks Bruce might want the rental. Sgt. Greg (Kim Knuckey) arrives and says there’s been a crime wave in town with graffiti and trash bins being knocked over. Emma asks if Greg needs a deputy to ruffle a few feathers. 

At the police station, Emma tells Greg that Adam might be behind the graffiti since he’s an artist and has trashed his house. Greg says he looked up Adam’s record and he doesn’t seem like the culprit. Emma offers to wear a wire if Greg needs her to. 

That night, Grace tries to convince Daniel to make amends with Bruce. Daniel says he wants to get revenge first.

Later, Emma is awoken by bed squeaking noises. She goes into the living room to watch TV, but Barbara yells at her to turn the TV down. 

Emma goes for a walk and sees Bruce spraying graffiti. Bruce says he has been vandalizing property so that Greg’s police station won’t get shut down. He wants to help his dad since there aren’t enough crimes in town. Emma says she’ll help Bruce find a place to live so he doesn’t have to move. She asks why he picked on Daniel so much in school. Bruce says he was just making jokes. Bruce tells her the “SD” graffiti stands for “Save Dad.” Emma hugs him.

The next morning at the office, Emma tells Daniel that Bruce is behind the graffiti. Daniel celebrates and says he’s going to turn him in. Emma says Bruce was just trying to help his dad. 

Emma and Daniel bring Greg a petition from the townspeople to get him to stay. Greg says the station is still getting shut down. Greg says Bruce is affected more by the possibility of having to leave town. 

Daniel shows Bruce the rental house Adam covered in art. He says he wants to move on from their past and offers Bruce the rental. Bruce gets a call from Greg who says he’s staying on as Rosehaven’s sheriff. Bruce says he doesn’t want the rental house, which he thinks is weird, and will stay living with his dad. 

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