Starring Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola
Airs Thursday at 2 am/1c


Airs Thursday at 2 am/1c
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Rosehaven Recap: Episode 202


At McCallum Real Estate, a customer asks Emma (Celia Pacquola) for a rental for one night. Daniel (Luke McGregor) suggests a hotel, and the man says he needs a place to stay for a couple nights while his wife blows off some steam. Daniel says they can’t help and the man storms out and says he won’t be recommending them online.

Barbara (Kris McQuade) comes to work and tells Emma and Daniel that their dog Bones is barking too loud and bothering the neighbor. She gets a letter about giving a speech at Daniel’s old school. Barbara suggests that Daniel should give the speech and help out in the school Tuck Shop in her place.

On a walk, Emma helps Daniel work on his speech. She suggests telling the kids things he wishes he had heard when he was a student.

While shopping for candy at the Rosehaven store, Daniel says he needs to get back for a video chat date with Grace (Katie Robertson). A redhead boy rings up Daniel’s purchases very slowly. Emma tries to buy a specific muffin but the boy says they’re all the same. Daniel tries to take the muffin and the boy accuses him of stealing. After an argument, the boy bans Daniel and Emma from the shop.

At home, Daniel receives an electric shock collar for Bones to stop his barking. Emma thinks the collar is cruel and suggests Daniel try it.

Sgt. Greg (Kim Knuckey) arrives and says that folks in town have accused Daniel of stealing. Greg says he’ll let it slide since it’s just “kids being kids.” Daniel says he’s not a kid.

The next morning, Daniel tells Emma they need to get unbanned from the Rosehaven store. Emma suggests they go to the store when the kid is in school.

At the Rosehaven store, the clerk refuses to serve Daniel and Emma. She points to a sign drawn by the kid saying that they’re banned for being thieves. The clerk says she has to side with her son.

Daniel tells Emma his plan to give a speech about how the kid from the shop is bullying them. Emma stands on her desk to applaud him.

In the car, Daniel and Emma discuss what they wanted to be when they grew up. Daniel says he wanted to be a superhero with the power of invisibility. Emma says she wants the power to have the perfect comeback all the time, which she already has.

At the primary school, Daniel shows Emma all the places he was bullied. Emma prepares Daniel for possible heckling during his speech.

Daniel and Emma discover that the school principal is the man who they refused to rent a home to for a night. He says he stayed in his car last night because of them. The principal refuses to let Daniel give a speech but says he still has to work in the Tuck Shop. Emma says they can buy food at the Tuck Shop since they’re still banned from the Rosehaven store.

While working the Tuck Shop, Daniel and Emma give kids advice along with their snacks.

Later, Daniel and Emma notice that the redheaded kid from the shop is being bullied by two other boys.

Daniel intervenes and brings muffins to the redheaded kid. He tells the bullies that the redheaded kid’s parents could cut them off from the shop just like he was. The bully gives the redheaded kid his hat back. Emma runs over and claims to be the redheaded kid’s bodyguard. She puts Daniel in a headlock and threatens the bullies’ pets.

At dinner, Barbara notes that Daniel and Emma got unbanned from the store. Bones barks and Emma and Barbara suggest that Daniel test the shock collar on himself. Daniel puts the shock collar on and starts barking. 

Sgt. Greg arrives and says he needs to talk to Daniel about stealing muffins from the Tuck Shop. Greg recommends a day of community service. Daniel objects, and the collar shocks him as his voice gets louder. Emma takes the collar off the choking Daniel, who says it isn’t that bad.

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