Starring Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola

Rosehaven Recap: Episode 103


Daniel (Luke McGregor) and Emma (Celia Pacquola) drive to a house that Daniel hopes to sell before Barbara (Kris McQuade) returns from the hospital. He shows Emma the text message he has composed to send to Barbara once the house sells.

Once they arrive at the house, Daniel and Emma realize it is in bad condition and looks nothing like the photo in the sales listing.

Daniel explains to the homeowner John (Stephen Hunter) that his decrepit house looks nothing like the photo in the sales listings. John says the photo is “aspirational” for what the house could look like. Daniel says John shouldn’t be present at the open house.

At McCallum Real Estate, Damien (David Quirk) tells Daniel that John won’t let him fix up the house without buying it first. Daniel tells Emma he thinks Damien has a thing for her.

Barbara calls from the hospital and tells Daniel she has pulled the photos of the house down and will reschedule the open house for when she gets back. Daniel tells Emma this is his one shot with his mother since he didn’t sell any houses as a realtor on the mainland. Emma thinks he should try selling the house even though Barbara canceled the open house online.

At the pub, Emma suggests giving away free stuff at the open house. Daniel thinks of asking local shop owners will donate items for promotion.
At the town butcher, Daniel asks Cathy (Meg Bignell) to donate 40 sausages for the open house. She makes him pay for them. Emma gets a used clothing donation from the thrift store, but the clothes smell musty.

Daniel gets ready for the open house by drawing a number on the mailbox.

Emma reveals that she feels nervous because her husband Josh has texted her. She doubts her abilities to sell the house and thinks she needs to go back to school. When the first prospective buyer arrives, Emma greets them and Daniel compliments Emma on how well she handles the interaction.

In the backyard, Daniel tells John he shouldn’t be around while people are looking at his house. A neighbor named Susan (Sara Cooper) throws a spider into the yard to get back at John for the times he’s thrown spiders into her yard.

Emma asks Susan if she can stop throwing spiders into the yard. Susan tells her John has been flinging spiders into her yard for years but agrees to a truce for the day.

John argues with a couple about the house not looking like it does in the picture. He says the house has been in his family for generations and kicks the couple out of the open house.

Inside, another couple asks Daniel about the sausage sizzle and expresses interest in the house.

While moping outside, John flings a spider into Susan’s yard. Daniel tells him not to worry because a couple is interested in the house. On their way inside, Daniel gets hit by a spider thrown by Susan.

Emma tells Grace (Katie Robertson) that she’s the worst-case scenario of an ex as she has a great job and lost weight. Daniel wakes up after fainting from the spider and thanks Grace for being there.

John tells Daniel he sees the potential in his house now and doesn’t want to sell.

That evening, Emma tries to make Daniel feel better about losing the sale. While texting Barbara, Daniel accidentally sends the text draft about selling the house. Barbara calls to congratulate him and Daniel tells her that John decided not to sell. He explains that the text he sent was a draft from when he thought he would sell the house. Barbara says she’ll see him in two days. Emma reveals that she texted Josh back and he’s upset that she won’t talk to him. Daniel starts to go for a walk alone but Emma convinces him to let her come too.

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