A SundanceTV Original Miniseries
starring Joe Zee (All On The Line)
REVEALING is a series of specials that explores, exposes and dissects the current states of luxury, beauty, fame and fashion. Executive Produced and hosted by Elle Creative Director Joe Zee, these specials provide an entertaining and eye-opening look at what’s really going on today. Featuring some of the biggest names in fashion and culture, each episode includes revealing celebrity interviews, fascinating documentary footage, and irreverent hidden-camera social experiments.

Revealing: Extravagance
Elle Creative Director Joe Zee takes the lid off the modern-day obsession with luxury. This entertaining and eye-opening special features tastemakers and celebrities like Zac Posen, Iman and Caroline Herrera.

Revealing: Face Value
Joe Zee explores the growing fixation with beauty among women & men. Through compelling social experiments and interviews with style icons, he uncovers the allure & consequences of our obsession with looking good.

Revealing: Celebutante
The world loves celebrities, and the fashion world can’t get enough of them. The right look and enough exposure can turn almost anyone into a fashion icon. Meanwhile style bloggers often garner more of the limelight than the runway shows they’re covering. In this special, ELLE Creative Director Joe Zee pokes at the fame bubble to reveal what drives our obsession with celebrity and what it takes to become one.