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Eva DelectorskayaPlayed by Hayley Atwell

Eva Delectorskaya is a young Russian émigré living in Paris when she learns her brother has ties to the German Secret Service. His handler, the disarmingly charming Lucas Romer, soon recruits her as a British spy. Though her new career is born out of circumstance, Eva discovers she is gifted at espionage. Her Russian language skills complement her brilliance and courage in the field, where she uses both her looks and instincts to survive. Eva gets called to America to help draw the United States into World War 2. Pulled into an increasingly murky world of espionage and betrayal, Eva is forced to draw on a wellspring of resourcefulness. In the heady world of international cloak and dagger, Eva abandons everything she has ever known and is forced to ignore her personal feelings in the name of patriotism. Passionate chemistry bonds Eva and Lucas, but their relationship must be kept hidden from their colleagues in order to keep cover. As her life is quickly transformed by a series of intense challenges, Eva constantly rises to the task, discovering that she is capable of much more than she--or anyone else--imagined.