The Rectify Project: Visions from Inside

About the Project

Sundance Channel has partnered with the Safe Streets Arts Foundation to curate a selection of artwork by incarcerated individuals from throughout the prison system. “The Rectify Project: Visions from Inside” serves to shine a light on a corner of society rarely considered and to help promote continued integration of the arts into the criminal justice system.

Access to the arts while in prison empowers inmates to convey a message through the works they create. Their artwork can give voice to a longing for freedom, it can be a way of exploring acceptance and it can at times express a howl of injustice. In a sense, the art process creates an opportunity for prisoners to engage with their situation and connect with the outside world.

In Sundance Channel’s original scripted series RECTIFY, Daniel Holden struggles to make sense of incarceration on death row. While imprisoned, he turned to literature as a salve for his isolation. Now he’s an outsider in a once familiar world, struggling to makes sense of what it means to be free.

About SSAF: The Safe Streets Arts Foundation exhibits art created in prison on its website, at its many gallery locations and at colleges and universities across America. SSAF is an offshoot of the nonprofit Prisons Foundation which publishes books and poetry written in prison as free downloads. The sale of prisoner art through SSAF helps support the work of the Prisons Foundation in its mission to prepare men and women for their release from prison as contributing, law-abiding citizens, and to provide help and support for victims of crimes.