Episode 2: Thrill Ride


Daniel must adapt to his new circumstances. Amantha faces overwhelming personal and professional changes. Teddy tries to connect with Tawney.


With mere weeks left in Paulie, Daniel finds himself banished from his home after Ted, Sr. asks him to leave. Janet learns the real reason behind Daniel’s leaving from Ted, Sr. and struggles to come to terms with it. Daniel finds a temporary refuge with Amantha, but her small apartment makes the new arrangement tense. Daggett discusses George Melton’s death with DA Person and reveals something that could put the investigation in jeopardy. Amantha deals with further issues at Thrifty Town, now that Peanut has returned from maternity leave. At the advice of her friend Beth Mitcherson, Tawney meets with a therapist, who quickly uncovers Tawney’s growing uncertainty about her marriage. Teddy, meanwhile, asks Ted, Sr. about his absentee mom and tries unsuccessfully to reconnect with Tawney, growing increasingly agitated by their separation. His day stretching out before him, Daniel decides to keep busy with a load of laundry and meets an old friend, Melvin. Jon visits Janet in hopes of wrapping up his work with Daniel and offers advice for Daniel’s looming relocation. Daggett gets some interesting information from George Melton’s father, Benji. Daniel makes dinner for Amantha and welcomes her home with the news that he’s found work, but she is too upset about her relationship to appreciate her brother’s enthusiasm. Still stung by his futile attempt to see Tawney earlier in the day, Teddy and Jared take an evening drive by the Mitcherson household. Over a few cans of beer, Teddy makes an unsettling confession to his younger brother.