Season 2


Charlie Darwin - Episode 3

Loyalties are tested with Daniel makes a startling decision.  Teddy asks a reluctant Tawney for a favor.  Jon Stern gains a valuable insight.


Donald the Normal - Episode 4

Daniel enjoys a taste of big-city anonymity in Atlanta.  Amantha entertains a depressing new plan. Teddy reaches out to an unlikely friend.


Act as If - Episode 5

Daniel meets an unusual local entrepreneur, Amantha struggles with a new role.  Ted, Sr.’s patience is tested. Tawney makes a surprising decision.


Mazel Tov - Episode 6

Daniel disappears on an unusual errand; Janet's family surprises her some unexpected birthday gifts.


Weird As You - Episode 7

Daniel seeks answers; Jon Stern meets Sondra Person; Senator Foulkes takes on an unpleasant task.


Unhinged - Episode 10

Daniel has concerns about Jon Stern's advice; Tawney reconsiders her choices; Ted, Jr. asks a favor.