Cast & Characters

Aden Young as Daniel Holden


Convicted of the brutal rape and murder of a teenage girl when he was just 18, Daniel Holden has spent the last two decades on death row. Now, due to new DNA evidence, Daniel is being released on a technicality.

Abigail Spencer as Amantha Holden


Since she was 12, Daniel's death sentence has dominated Amantha's life. She made it her mission to absolve him of a murder she is certain he didn't commit.

Adelaide Clemens as Tawney Talbot


The wife of Ted Jr., Tawney is young and naive to the ways of the world, relying on her faith to carry her through. A devout Christian, she is very loving and overlooks many of her husband’s flaws. 

Clayne Crawford as Ted Talbot, Jr.


Instead of warmly welcoming Daniel home, Ted Jr. feels this turn of events leaves him with everything to lose. Insecure and manipulative, Ted Jr. will go to great lengths to hold on to his livelihood – even if Daniel’s freedom is at stake.

Bruce McKinnon as Ted Talbot, Sr.


A steady presence in the Talbot home, Ted Sr. is a rock of patience and understanding for Janet and Jared. 

J. Smith-Cameron as Janet Talbot


Like her son Daniel, Janet dealt with the pain of his ordeal by deadening her emotions. By his fifth Execution Order, it was simply way more than a mother could bear. His unexpected return may just push her over the edge.

Jake Austin Walker as Jared Talbot


Jared has never met his half-brother Daniel until his release, but he’ll be ostracized and bullied for his family connection to a crime that happened years before he was born.

Luke Kirby as Jon Stern


Jon Stern is a lawyer for the non-profit group Justice Row, an organization that seeks to get innocent men taken off of death row and to fight against capital punishment. His intimate relationship with Amantha may be exploited by the opposition.

JD Evermore as Carl Daggett


Under pressure from Foulkes, the previous Sheriff and strong public outcry, Daggett pushed boundaries in investigating Daniel’s case. 

Johnny Ray Gill as Kerwin Whitman


Kerwin Whitman is Daniel's fellow death row inmate. He and Daniel form a unique bond on death row that transcends their confines.

Sean Bridgers as Trey Willis

Trey Willis Sean Bridgers Rectify Season 3

Trey was one of three star witnesses at Daniel's original trial, and there is growing suspicion that he may, at least, know more than he is saying, and at worst, be involved in Hanna's murder.