“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 408 (All I’m Sayin’)


Flash back to the day of Daniel’s release from prison: Janet laments the time that Daniel has lost. Amantha accuses Janet of being incapable of happiness and implores her to appreciate Daniel’s homecoming.

In the present, Janet apologizes to Amantha for abandoning her over the years. Amantha reasons that Janet was simply depressed. Janet urges Amantha to live the life she wants and calls Amantha her “hero.”

Daniel calls Chloe from work. He leaves a voicemail letting her know that he’s stopping by later.

Julian pulls Daniel aside and offers him a raise to $8.00 an hour.

Sheriff Daggett stops by the tire shop and informs Teddy that the D.A. is willing to knock his gun charges down to misdemeanors, as long as he attends an anger management class, firearms safety course and AA meetings. Teddy asks Sheriff Daggett if he still believes Daniel killed Hanna. Sheriff Daggett admits that he now believes Daniel is innocent.

Jon visits Janet and Amantha and updates them on the new developments regarding Chris and Roger Nelms. He says that D.A. Person has submitted a request with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to open a new inquiry into Hanna’s murder. He says he will drive to Nashville to update Daniel.

Daniel arrives at Chloe’s apartment and finds it empty. Peyton, an artist at the co-op, tells Daniel that Chloe doesn’t like goodbyes then gives Daniel a painting and a book that Chloe left for him. Daniel sits and meditates on the painting.

Amantha walks Jon to his car. “Nothing will rectify what’s happened,” she concludes. “It won’t bring back Hanna or my dad or my 18-year-old brother.” They hug.

Daniel calls Amantha from Chloe’s apartment and thanks her for sending him letters. Amantha explains that Jon is coming to see him.

Daniel rides the bus home with his painting.

In group therapy, Daniel expresses his sadness over Chloe’s departure. Avery points out that she and Daniel both made the right decision. “Sometimes you just wonder is that what we’re doing here. Keeping our expectations so low that we’ll never be disappointed,” Daniel responds. Pickle tells Daniel that his feelings of disappointment are ultimately positive because it means he’s at least capable of hope.

Daniel looks at Chloe’s painting in his room then starts to read the book that she gave him.

In the kitchen, Janet asks Ted, Sr. if he’s ready for his last day at the tire shop. They kiss. Jared walks in. “Let’s do it,” says Jared. He leaves with Janet.

In therapy, Daniel explains that listening to his rape account still traumatizes him. The therapist assures Daniel that it’s not unusual for therapy to take a year. Daniel decides to revisit Kerwin’s execution and describes the silence on death row as the guards came to take Kerwin. “‘Because I know you,’” he says, quoting Kerwin’s last words to him. “He wanted me to believe in myself.”

Jared and Bobby Dean chat in the Dean backyard. Inside, Janet and Judy Dean sit in Hanna’s room. Judy tells Janet that she no longer believes Daniel killed Hanna and doubts that finding the real killer will make a difference to her. “I understand,” says Janet.

At the New Canaan house, Jon tells Daniel about D.A. Person’s request to open a new investigation. Daniel admits it would be nice to visit home and thanks Jon for his sacrifices over the years. Daniel explains that he used to feel guilty when people tried to help him but that he now wants to fight for his life.

In a prison flashback, Kerwin tries to lift Daniel’s spirits by pretending they’re driving a car around New York City. Daniel indulges the fantasy and laughs.

At the tire shop, Teddy introduces Ted, Sr. to Melvin, who purchases their last tires. Tawney stops by with monkey bread. Janet, Jared, Amantha and Billy arrive as Ted, Sr. shuts the doors.

At the Paulie County Courthouse, D.A. Person holds a press conference to announce that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is opening a new investigation into Hanna’s murder after new details raised doubts about the validity of the original investigation.

Janet, Amantha, Teddy, Ted, Sr., Billy and Melvin watch the press conference at the shop. D.A. Person declares that her office will try to set aside Daniel’s conviction if it becomes clear that he is innocent. Amantha tears up. Janet and Ted, Sr. hug.

Sheriff Daggett visits Trey to tell him they’re dropping George’s murder charge against him. Figuring that he is now a suspect in Hanna’s murder, Trey tells Sheriff Daggett that he visited Chris Nelms the morning after the murder and that Chris told him, “Bitch should have kept her mouth shut and none of this would have happened.” He explains that Hanna had been high on mushrooms and having sex with multiple partners until Chris got on top of her, at which point she put up a fight. He says Hanna bit Chris’ hand and that Chris hid his injured hand at the police station the following day. Sheriff Daggett tells Trey the investigation is out of his hands and leaves.

At a diner, Daniel, Pickle, Tyrus and Nate celebrate Pickle’s new job.

Janet, Amantha, Tawney, Teddy, Ted, Sr. and Billy laugh while eating takeout at home. Janet takes a phone call from Daniel. Teddy gets on the phone with Daniel and says that Daniel can have his father’s ceramic mechanic. Daniel insists Teddy have it. Teddy agrees to leave it at the Talbot house for the time being. Teddy hands the phone to Tawney. She and Daniel briefly catch up and say goodbye.

Daniel lies in bed and stares at the ceiling.

Daniel walks in a meadow with Chloe and her baby. He cradles the baby and smiles.

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