“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 407 (Happy Unburdening)


In a therapy session, Daniel tearfully describes getting raped in prison. The therapist records his description on a smartphone.

Janet and Jared clean out the garage. Jared receives an online bid for Janet’s bicycle and encourages her to sell it. Janet gazes at the bicycle and agrees to let Jared sell it.

Teddy and Ted, Sr. visit a potential new storefront for the tire shop. Teddy gently tells Ted, Sr. that they are not responsible for each other anymore and wonders if he even wants to stay in the tire business.

Amantha and Jon meet Bobby Dean at a rollerskating rink. Bobby apologizes to Amantha for nearly beating Daniel to death. Amantha refuses to forgive him. He hands her a letter from Mrs. Dean to Janet.

Daniel tells Chloe about his therapy session. He says the therapist’s approach is to revisit the rape over and over until he becomes “bored” with it. He notices that Chloe hasn’t started packing for Ohio and begins to pack a box for her.

Amantha finds Janet and Jared clearing out the attic. She forbids them from selling any of her belongings and notes that Jared gets to enjoy his time with Janet, while she had to be “knee deep in her shit.” She gives Mrs. Dean’s note to Janet.

D.A. Person and Sheriff Daggett sit down with C.J. Pickens at the police station. D.A. Person places a recorder on the table.

Tawney visits Teddy at his apartment and warns him that she told Janet about the divorce. They catch up on each other’s lives. Tawney agrees to get some pizza with Teddy.

D.A. Person interrogates C.J. about the investigation into Hanna’s murder. C.J. admits that Sen. Foulkes questioned George in a manner that may have led George to implicate Daniel. He says that Daniel confessed after they interrogated him for 10 hours, and after they informed him that they had an eyewitness who would testify to his raping Hanna. C.J. says Trey repeatedly denied seeing Daniel rape Hanna.

D.A. Person interrogates C.J. about Chris Nelms and his father, Roger, who was a lawyer. C.J. says that Sen. Foulkes and Roger, who were friends, spoke privately after Hanna was murdered and that Sen. Foulkes delayed questioning Chris so that they could “wait and see if Holden would…” “Cave?” asks D.A. Person. “In a word, yes,” says C.J.

Chloe procrastinates packing and floats the idea of staying in Nashville. Daniel admits he would love her to stay but reminds her that he’s a warehouseman who makes $7.85 an hour and will spend the next 20 years seeing a probation officer every other week. Chloe plays a Harry Nilsson record for Daniel. They dance.

Teddy visits the Talbot residence and asks Janet to accompany him when he breaks the news about his divorce to Ted, Sr.

In the backyard, Teddy tells Ted, Sr. that he and Tawney are getting a divorce. He tearfully explains that he and Tawney still love each other. Ted, Sr. offers his support to Teddy then quietly goes inside to take a bath.

At Thrifty Town, Amantha receives a visit from her high school friend Jenny. Amantha apologizes to Jenny for abandoning their friendship. Jenny admits that it hurt to lose Amantha as a friend but says she understood Amantha was coping with tragedy.

Janet helps Ted, Sr. wash his back as he sits despondently in the tub. “I love you, Ted,” she says. “I love you too, Janet,” he says.

At the New Canaan house, Daniel lies in bed listening to headphones. Pickle walks in and announces that he found a job at a dry cleaning shop. Daniel congratulates him and agrees to join the group for a celebration. After Pickle leaves, Daniel puts his headphones back on and resumes listening to the audio recording of his rape account.

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