“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 406 (Physics)


The doorbell wakes Teddy after he accidentally falls asleep in Tawney’s bed. Teddy opens the front door for an exterminator then rushes out before Tawney returns home.

At a Nashville cafe, Janet informs Daniel that Rite Aid wants to buy the tire store. While Janet is in the restroom, Ted, Sr. apologizes to Daniel for kicking him out of their house. Daniel assures Ted, Sr. that there is no need for apologies.

Teddy drinks whiskey and coke at work and stares at the deflated tube man outside. “I know how you feel,” he says. He inflates the tube man.

At the Talbot residence, Amantha tells Jon about Teddy’s conversation with Bobby Dean. Jon informs Amantha that Christopher Nelms recently gave a deposition swearing that he, George and Trey raped Hanna. He explains that he quit Justice Row and is considering filing an IAC (Ineffective Assistance of Counsel) to dismiss Daniel’s guilty plea, on the grounds that he was sleeping with his client’s sister.

Daniel takes Janet to a tourist site and urges her to let him go. “I can’t abandon you,” she says. He implores her to be “free of bondage.”

Ted, Sr. reads a Nashville tourism book at a location where Patsy Cline nearly died. He spontaneously asks his taxi driver to drive him 90 miles to the site where Cline died in a plane crash.

Teddy advises a customer on tires. The customer tries to haggle by mentioning Walmart’s cheaper prices. He then explains that his wife asked him to mention Walmart, despite his preference for local businesses. When Teddy tells the customer to buy the Walmart tires, the customer decides to ignore his wife and buy Teddy’s tires.

Daniel shows Janet where he works. As they sit in the car, Janet cries. She mentions that she may leave Ted, Sr. because of their differences. Daniel reveals that he has a girlfriend and offers to introduce her.

Tawney sits by Zeke’s side as he dies. She cries and prays for him.

Jon meets with D.A. Sondra Person and shows her a video interview with Bobby Dean. He says Justice Row is filing an IAC claim to dismiss Daniel’s guilty plea and encourages her to invite someone from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation — someone without a vested interest — to look into the case.

Tawney drives to Zeke’s house and finds the house key in the hiding spot where he described it. She looks for his work plaque inside. The housekeeper arrives and offers to show Tawney where the plaque is.

In the backyard, the housekeeper encourages Tawney to keep the plaque. “You’re a good girl. You say your prayers, you’ll be alright,” the housekeeper says. “That’s what Zeke used to say to me,” Tawney says.

At Chloe’s apartment, Janet and Chloe talk about Daniel while he picks up takeout food. Janet thanks Chloe for taking a chance on Daniel, even though she’s moving to Ohio to have her baby. Daniel returns with the food. Janet sets the table and quietly watches him joke with Chloe.

Back at the motel, Ted, Sr. tells Janet that he thinks they should sell the tire store — but only if they offer to give Teddy the inventory. Janet agrees and asks what he wants to do after selling the store. “I don’t know,” he admits. “But I know we can’t keep going on the way we are. I’m not blind to that.”

Daniel thanks Chloe for dinner. “It felt like living,” he says. Chloe carefully encourages Daniel to attend therapy. Daniel worries that he will be unable to cope with his past. Chloe hypothesizes that Daniel is afraid to let go of the identity that he cultivated in prison in order to survive. Daniel walks out on Chloe and tells her to send him a postcard from Ohio.

Teddy closes up the tire store and scowls at the tube man bouncing outside. He shoots the tube man with a rifle. A bullet ricochets and hits his leg. He calls 911 and hears ambulances in the distance.

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