“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 405 (Pineapples in Paris)


Daniel asks Manny to refrain from masturbating while around him. Manny bristles.

Jared gives Janet some of Daniel’s old belongings from the attic and suggests she bring them to Daniel in Nashville. Janet admits she put the belongings back in the attic after Daniel threw them out.

Janet and Ted, Sr. begin their drive to Nashville. Janet fantasizes about their options if they ended up selling tire shop. She shares her opinion that they should sell and then looks to Ted, Sr. for a reaction. Ted, Sr. asks what Janet would do if he disagreed.

Janet and Ted, Sr. stop for food. Ted, Sr. backpedals on his statement in the car and says he was speaking hypothetically. Janet asks what Ted, Sr. would do if he owned the store by himself. Ted, Sr. insists he needs time to formulate an answer. Janet asks him to discuss his thoughts with her before any offer is rescinded.

Teddy visits Tawney at home, where she has prepared some muffins. Teddy tells Tawney that Mr. Childers made an official offer on the tire shop. Changing the subject, he gently suggests they get a divorce. Tawney agrees. Teddy tears up and leaves for work.

At group therapy, Avery notices tension between Daniel and Manny. Manny says Daniel is mad at him for masturbating in their bedroom and calls him a “nut.” Daniel explodes and says that Manny’s masturbating upsets him. “You have no idea how much,” he says. Nate, Pickle and Tyrus advise Manny to respect his roommate. Daniel storms out.

Teddy stops by the Talbot house and grabs a beer from the refrigerator. Bobby Dean rings the doorbell, looking for Jared. Teddy informs him that he’s not home.

Teddy and Bobby drink beers at the kitchen table. Bobby explains that George Melton used to come by his house after Hanna’s death and grew close to him and Mrs. Dean. When George decided to stop coming by, Bobby asked him why. “Trey went back,” George told him. Bobby asks Teddy to apologize to Daniel for beating him up at Hanna’s grave.

Jon stops by Sheriff Carl Daggett’s home after Carl invites him over. Carl tells Jon that he’s stepping out and encourages him to browse some reading material on the kitchen table. After the sheriff leaves, Jon finds a manila folder underneath a stack of magazines. Inside the folder is the sworn affidavit of Christopher Nelms.

Tawney sits quietly at her kitchen table. Carlton, her work supervisor, leaves a message on the answering machine and asks Tawney to call him back.

Daniel paces anxiously outside the artist cooperative. Chloe joins him outside. Daniel confesses that he was sexually assaulted in prison multiple times. Chloe tells him she can’t save him. “But I can hold you,” she says. She hugs him.

Teddy tells Amantha and Jared about Bobby’s visit. Amantha decides Bobby’s conversation merits a phone call to Jon. She notices Teddy’s peculiar behavior and invites him to stay the night. He declines the offer and leaves.

On the road, Janet encourages Ted, Sr. to fantasize about a different life. Ted, Sr. refuses to play her game. Janet accuses him of resenting her for years and blames him for never saying a word about it. Ted, Sr. admits she’s right. “And I blame you for never thanking me for it,” he says.

At work, Carlton informs Tawney that Zeke has fallen unconscious.

Tawney sits by Zeke’s side and offers to get his plaque for him. She holds his hand and cries. “Just tell me what to do. Somebody, please,” she says.

Daniel returns to the New Canaan house and finds Janet and Ted, Sr. talking to Nate and Pickle. Janet hugs him. Pickle informs Daniel that Avery and Manny went for a walk and won’t return for a while.

Teddy goes to his house where Tawney now resides and cooks a steak on the grill. He tries to enter the house but the door is locked. He breaks in through a window, setting off the alarm. He tries to turn off the alarm but finds that Tawney has changed the code. The alarm company turns off the alarm after he answers the security questions.

Janet cries in her hotel bathroom.

Pickle informs Daniel that he will be his new roommate.

Teddy eats steak alone. He gathers fishing rods, guns and whiskey, then goes upstairs and stares at his old bedroom.

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