“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 404 (Go Ask Roger)


Billy shows up at the Talbot residence to take Amantha on their hunting date. Amantha grumbles about the early hour.

At work, Tawney asks Zeke if he needs anything and apologizes for his unhappiness with life. “You’re a good girl,” he says. “Say your prayers. You’ll be alright.”

Tawney asks her supervisor if they can retrieve Zeke’s plaque or at least call his nephew in Arizona to arrange for it. He reluctantly agrees to look into it despite liability and privacy issues.

At home, Ted, Sr. asks Janet if he can accompany her to see Daniel in Nashville. Janet hesitates and asks to run it by Daniel. She defers her decision until after that day’s meeting with Mr. Childers.

Chloe and Daniel drive to the home of a famous musician to deliver and pick up art for an auction. The musician’s assistant, Rick, meets Chloe and Daniel at the house.

Janet, Ted, Sr. and Teddy wait for Mr. Childers at the tire shop. Teddy says a local realtor estimated the shop’s worth at $500,000. Mr. Childers calls Janet to tell her he has a flat tire.

While hunting in the woods, Amantha questions Billy about his divorce.

Daniel helps Chloe wrap artwork. On his way out, Rick orders Chloe to lock the door and text him when they’re finished.

Jon tries to speak with C.J. Pickens at his house but nobody answers the front door. Jon announces that he’ll be waiting in his car.

Janet, Ted, Sr. and Teddy sit down with Mr. Childers after Teddy patches Mr. Childers’ tire. Mr. Childers says he represents a national pharmacy chain that is considering making an offer of $650,000 for the tire shop building. He says they are also considering two other locations.

Chloe eats pistachio gelato out of the musician’s freezer, causing Daniel to vocalize his discomfort. Chloe assures him they’re safe and insists he try gelato for the first time. Daniel tastes the gelato and relaxes.

While parked outside C.J. Pickens’ house, Jon calls a woman who was at the party in the woods on the night Hanna was murdered. The woman recalls that Chris Nelms and at least a dozen other kids were at the sheriff’s office the next morning. Jon notes that only seven of the kids were officially interviewed, not including Chris.

Mrs. Pickens walks up to Jon and tells him that C.J. is not going to speak with him. She goes back inside.

Tawney and Teddy meet at a diner for their date night. Teddy stews over the meeting with Mr. Childers and presumes he won’t be consulted for Janet’s final decision. Tawney tries to change the subject. Teddy says date nights are pointless if they’re not going to discuss their future together. Tawney says Teddy’s anger frightens her. “You don’t need a husband, you need a saint,” he tells her and leaves.

Daniel and Chloe eat nuts at the musician’s house. Daniel says his counselors advised him to see a PTSD specialist. Chloe agrees and says everyone at some point needs to figure out how to deal or not deal with “their stuff.” Rick calls to make sure they’ve left the house. Daniel and Chloe hurriedly clean up their mess.

Janet tells Ted, Sr. that Daniel is willing to see him in Nashville.

Janet visits Jared in the attic and learns that he sold his old Furbies online. Jared explains that he’s selling items he no longer wants. “I’m sorry for being such a bad mother,” Janet says unexpectedly.

Amantha rejoins Billy in bed after making love. She admits she didn’t sleep with anyone until she moved to Atlanta.

Tawney tells Zeke that the nursing home is calling his nephew to see about getting his plaque. Zeke admits that he invented the nephew on the nursing home form because he doesn’t have any family members. He describes how his world grew small and “very lonely” over time. “You’re a good girl. Say your prayers, you’ll be alright,” he says. Tawney asks why he keeps saying that to her. “You keep asking for it. It’s in everything you do,” he says.

Tawney calls Teddy and leaves a message, apologizing for being unavailable when he was upset about the tire shop. She invites him to stop by the house. “Love you,” she says.

Teddy drinks beer at home and ignores Tawney’s phone call. When he listens to her voicemail, he cries.

Trey leaves a bar after getting the cold shoulder from the bartender.

Jon follows Trey into the bar parking lot and warns that prosecutors want to put Trey in jail for a long time. He asks why Chris Nelms never seems to get dirty. “Go ask Roger,” Trey says. He adds that if Daniel didn’t kill Hanna, he would put his money on “country club Chris.”

Chloe drops Daniel off at the New Canaan house. They kiss.

Daniel’s roommate Manny masturbates and grunts in bed. Daniel, who lies awake nearby, curls up with anger.

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