“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 403 (Bob & Carol & Ted Jr & Alice)


Daniel wakes up his new roommate, Manny, after Manny sleeps through his alarm. He touches base with Manny before leaving the house.

Daniel meets with Avery and Maggie to update them on his progress in the outside world. They suggest he see a therapist who specializes in post-traumatic stress disorder, considering the long-term isolation he endured in prison. Maggie hands him a brochure for a clinical psychologist. Daniel quietly processes their advice.

At work, Teddy receives a phone call from Bob Childers of Kurry Morris and Associates. Mr. Childers asks to speak with Janet, who is the tire shop’s legal owner. Teddy relays Mr. Childers’ message to Ted, Sr.

Jon visits Sheriff Daggett at the police station to discuss the rape allegations against Trey, George and Chris Nelms. He says Daniel only pled guilty to murder because he didn’t know about the rape allegations and was afraid of going back to prison. He asks if Sheriff Daggett knew that the former sheriff, C.J. Pickens, had refused to speak with George 20 years earlier. Sheriff Daggett ends the conversation.

Janet calls Daniel during his work break and tells him that she’s going to visit him for a day. After hanging up, Daniel studies the brochure for the clinical psychologist.

At home, Jared takes photos of Furbies in the attic and looks up Furby prices online. He quickly stows them away when he hears a car pull into the driveway.

Tawney meets with Rebecca, her therapist, and wonders if she should divorce Teddy. “It would feel like a death,” she says, crying.

Janet speaks to Mr. Childers on the phone and sets up a meeting for that same week. She tells Ted, Sr. that Mr. Childers represents a client who wants to buy the tire shop. She asks Ted, Sr. to refrain from telling Teddy until she has time to process the information. She promises that she will not sell the store unless everyone agrees to it.

At group therapy, Daniel tells Avery and his housemates that he’s attending a fundraiser for the artist cooperative. Manny brazenly offers to tag along so that he can meet women but is met with awkward silence. Nate suggests that Daniel may want to attend by himself. Manny acts out. Avery reprimands Manny’s outburst and points out that Manny hasn’t even been out of jail for two weeks.

In Amantha’s apartment, where he now lives, Teddy researches Kurry Morris and Associates online and learns that it’s a commercial investment real estate firm. Ted, Sr. calls Teddy to inform him that Janet spoke with Mr. Childers but refrains from offering further details. When Teddy mentions that Mr. Childers’ firm buys properties for large retail corporations, Ted, Sr. confesses that Mr. Childers plans to make an offer on the shop but that Janet wanted to keep it a secret for the time being. Teddy reacts bitterly to the secretiveness and hangs up when Melvin knocks at the door.

Billy Harris stops by Thrifty Town and asks Amantha out for a beer. She proposes they hang out that night after she closes up the store.

In a motel room, Jon leaves a message with Janet to let her know that he’s in town.

Melvin gives Teddy some paperwork to sign for the apartment and admits he misses Daniel. He says he’s heartbroken by the new rape allegations then apologizes for undermining the greater difficulties that Teddy’s family must be doing through. “Everybody has their own experience,” says Teddy.

Amantha and Billy drink beer at Thrifty Town as Billy apprises Amantha of the lives of their high school classmates. Amantha receives a call from Jon but doesn’t pick up. Daniel’s name comes up in conversation. Billy says he stays out of all speculative talk concerning Daniel.

Teddy leaves a message with Tawney to tell her he had an interesting day. “I love you,” he says, adding that he hopes his phone call doesn’t bother her.

Daniel attends the party at the artist cooperative. Chloe tells Daniel that she Googled him. Daniel cautiously asks what she found. “Anything you want to find. It’s the Internet,” she says. She invites him to her apartment.

Amantha returns home from her date to find Janet drinking wine alone. Janet tells Amantha that someone wants to buy the tire shop. Reflecting on the past, she says it was not fair to pull Ted, Sr. into her family’s affairs. “I grabbed him like he was a life preserver,” she says. “I think I might have pulled him under.”

In Chloe’s apartment, Daniel asks what Chloe wants from him and wonders if she likes “being around danger.” Chloe tells him she’s not looking for a partner and admits that she’s pregnant — and that the father is not in the picture. She climbs into bed, hikes up her dress and places his hand on her belly. She thanks him for calming her.

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