“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 402 (Yolk)


Janet wakes up and hears Ted, Sr. and Teddy talking in the kitchen. Ted, Sr. offers to drive Teddy to work but Teddy declines, saying he has plans after work. Janet returns to bed.

Janet stares at the kitchen stove and decides to bake. She discovers a mess of two cracked eggs and begins to clean out the entire refrigerator.

Sheriff Daggett warns Bobby Dean that Trey Willis is getting out of jail on bond. Bobby assures Sheriff Daggett he won’t harm Trey. Mrs. Dean shares her hope that Trey’s trial will not absolve Daniel of Hanna’s murder.

Janet leaves a voicemail checking in with Daniel — the voicemail he listened to in the previous episode.

Jared patches holes in a tent that he pitched in the woods.

Amantha, who has been promoted to manager at Thrifty Town, introduces an official schedule to employees. Alesha, an employee, asks for Thursday off so that she can study for exams. Amantha says Peanut needs the day off for a doctor’s appointment but nevertheless grants Alesha’s request.

Jon begs Bernie, his boss, to let him strengthen the case for Daniel’s innocence. Bernie points out that Daniel is free, thanks to the plea deal, and says they don’t have resources to spend on a client who’s not even in jail.

Tawney meets Teddy at a restaurant for a date. She shares her excitement about taking college classes but feels guilty for living in their house while Teddy lives with Ted, Sr. Teddy reminds her that the topic of their living arrangement is off-limits on date number nine and says she won’t be able to figure out what she wants for herself if she’s feeling guilty.

Amantha watches the sun set while smoking pot inside a satellite dish. Jared watches the sun set from his campsite.

Tawney works at a nursing home. A colleague informs her that it’s her turn to care for Zeke, one of the more difficult residents. Tawney checks in on Zeke, who gruffly asks her to retrieve a work plaque from his house so that he can have it when he dies. As Tawney leaves, Zeke grumbles that she’s just like the rest of them.

Amantha drives home at night. She loses control of the car and veers off the road. Amantha calls Ted, Sr. to ask for a lift after walking half a mile for cell phone service. He offers to pick her up at her car.

As Amantha walks back to her car, a man slows down in his truck and offers to help. Amantha coolly declines. The driver, Billy Harris, recognizes Amantha from high school. Billy examines Amantha’s car and refuses to abandon her until Ted, Sr. arrives. Amantha apologizes for giving him attitude.

Teddy arrives home and finds Janet baking a cake to send to Daniel. Janet asks how his date went. Teddy admits that the therapy is working for him.

After picking up Amantha, Ted, Sr. suggests she stay the night to lift Janet’s spirits. He explains that Daniel hasn’t returned many of her calls.

Jared reads in his tent. Thunder crashes and rain starts to pour. Jared looks at his patchwork with concern.

Janet visits Amantha’s room at 3 a.m., worried about Jared. She mentions that Trey is out of jail and seethes that he gets to see his family. Amantha assures Janet that he’ll be okay. “Who?” Janet asks. “Jared,” says Amantha.

The next morning, Ted, Sr. asks Teddy about his date. Teddy bristles at Ted, Sr. for inquiring about his personal life. Ted, Sr. informs Amantha that the car repairs will be prohibitively expensive. Janet walks in with Jared after picking him up from the campsite.

The family sits down for a pancake breakfast. Janet suggests Amantha temporarily move in with them to save money for a car down payment. Amantha worries the house would be too crowded but thanks Janet for the offer. Teddy drives Amantha to work.

Janet declares to Ted, Sr. that she’s going to Nashville to see Daniel. “I have to see him, make sure he’s real,” she says.

Teddy inspects Amantha’s apartment as she gets ready for work. He proposes that they swap homes: He stays in her apartment while she lives with Ted, Sr. and Janet. She agrees to consider the idea if he covers her rent. He agrees.

Janet spots Trey at the supermarket. While Trey is away from his cart, she sneaks over and breaks all the eggs in his egg carton. She flees the scene. Trey discovers the broken eggs.

Janet walks out of the store.

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