“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 401 (A House Divided)


Daniel lies awake in his bedroom at the New Canaan Project in Nashville. He looks at his roommate, Jesse, asleep in bed.

Daniel takes a bus to his job at a warehouse, where he pulls inventory items for shipment orders.

Daniel’s boss Julian suggests Daniel leave work early after he finishes his tasks with time to spare. Daniel leaves and deposits his paycheck at an ATM.

Daniel returns to New Canaan and walks by a classroom in which Avery, one of the counselors, teaches ex-offenders the importance of securing a job and keeping it.

Maggie, a New Canaan counselor, coaches Brittany, an ex-offender, on job interviews. Daniel drops off his pay stub with Maggie, who introduces Daniel and Brittany to each other. Maggie calls Daniel a model New Canaan client.

Daniel listens to a voicemail from Janet, who updates him on the family.

In his room, Daniel looks at a letter addressed to him. Jesse informs him that their group counseling session is about to begin. Daniel puts the unopened letter aside.

Daniel attends the group counseling session with his housemates Pickle, Nate, Tyrus and Jesse. Avery checks in with each housemate’s progress in the outside world. Pickle talks about the difficulty of being judged at job interviews. Tyrus shares his frustration in gauging whether people are messing with him or not. Daniel briefly describes his day but shares little else. Avery thanks him.

Daniel sees Jesse sneak out of their bedroom in the middle of the night.

At work, Daniel’s boss explains that one of their biggest customers is returning a large order due to an error. Though Daniel insists it was not his mistake, his boss nevertheless tells Daniel and a coworker, Earl, to stay at work until they’ve refilled the order. Earl grumbles. The lights go out.

Daniel’s boss informs the employees that a transformer blew out and will not be fixed for at least another hour. Daniel declines Earl’s invitation to grab a bite with other employees.

Daniel goes for a walk and sees a woman carrying a bird sculpture into a warehouse. His curiosity piqued, he follows her inside and learns that she is part of an artist cooperative. As Daniel studies the sculptures, the artist, Chloe, invites him to help out with their upcoming Art Mingle. The power turns back on. Tears stream down Daniel’s face as he gazes at the art. He leaves abruptly.

Daniel returns home after working late and finds Pickle, Nate and Tyrus waiting for him. Avery informs Daniel that Jesse’s urine test came back dirty and that he left the house in the middle of the night. Daniel says he knows nothing about it. Reading the expressions on everyone’s faces, Avery says anyone who doesn’t want to be in the house is free to leave. “A divided house will fall,” he says. He emphasizes that, despite their assumption that Daniel is protecting Jesse, Daniel probably doesn’t know anything about Jesse.

Pickle, Nate and Tyrus enter Daniel’s room and warn Daniel that when he doesn’t talk to people, they may start to think he doesn’t like them. Nate says Jesse may have fared better at New Canaan if he’d had a roommate who showed interest in him. “Whatever he needed and didn’t get in this house, that is on us,” Pickle says. Daniel explains that he’s uncomfortable around other people and worries that he is not up to the task of supporting them.

Daniel visits Avery the next day and explains that he lived in isolation for almost two decades, unlike his housemates, who socialized with other inmates while they were in prison. Daniel tearfully describes how he lost his sense of self while in prison and worries that he’s unable to speak truthfully about his past because he doesn’t even remember whether he killed Hanna or not. Avery urges Daniel to learn to live with the uncertainty and perhaps, for once, try living as though he may not have killed Hanna.

Daniel returns to the artist cooperative and apologizes for his behavior the previous day. He informs Chloe that he just got out of prison. She responds to his disclosure with a kindhearted joke.

Daniel arrives home to find Pickle, Tyrus and Nate playing cards. Daniel quietly watches from the sidelines but Pickle insists he join them. Daniel takes a seat and shares that he used to play rummy with his sister. They resume the card game all together.

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