Inside the “RECTIFY” Season 4 Writers’ Room With Kate Powers


RECTIFY’s Kate Powers — a writers’ assistant-turned-writer who was nominated for a 2015 Writers’ Guild Award for her work on RECTIFY — let us in on her drafting process, her soft spot for Teddy and her favorite line from Season 1.

Q: Who is your favorite character to write dialogue for and why?

A: I have a tremendous soft spot for Teddy, because he wants to be a better version of himself and has no idea how to make that happen. That’s my whole life as a writer in a nutshell. I write a draft, I like some stuff, I hate other stuff, I have no idea how to make it better. But I know it can’t stay like this, so I just keep pushing blindly forward, hoping I’ll find a path. At the end of four seasons, RECTIFY has absolutely made me a better writer, and I think, Teddy has become a better person.
Q: Do you have a favorite line from a previous season?

A: This line, from Ray McKinnon’s “Drip, Drip,” (Season 1, Episode 5), sums up both the show and my experience on it: ”It’s the beauty that hurts you most, son. Not the ugly.”

Q: What’s your writing snack of choice?

A: Any kind of quasi-healthy bagged popcorn and Cran-Raspberry La Croix. 
Q: Word Association Time! Tell us one word you think of when you hear each of the following:
A: Daniel – Alone
Amantha – Angry
Thrifty Town – Hilarious
Paulie – Sweet
Tawney & Teddy – Tender
The Holdens – Loving
Final Season – Kleenex

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