5 Songs From the “Rectify” Soundtrack to Jump Start a ’90s Mixtape

Daniel's mixtape

A good mixtape tells the story of the mixtape maker and the mixtape recipient&dmash;when Daniel finds one in his attic in RECTIFY Season 1, he’s transported back to life before Death Row, a time when he was just a high school kid with a friend name Hanna Dean. He rocked out to “Low” but what other ’90s songs appear in the series that you might add to your own ’90s mixtape?

1. Cracker, “Low”
While the tune will get stuck in your head, the song is probably best remembered for the awesome video featuring Cracker frontman David Lowery getting his ass kicked by comedian Sandra Bernhard.

2. Mazzy Star, “Into Dust”
A real shoe-gazer that sparked plenty of mid-’90s make-out sessions for high school kids trapped in small towns.

3. Ray Wylie Hubbard, “Didn’t Have a Prayer”
Maybe you don’t immediately think of country music when you’re reminiscing about the ’90s, but considering RECTIFY’s Georgia locale, you might want to rethink that position.

4. Stone Temple Pilots, “Creep”
Few bands personify the mid-’90s quite like Stone Temple Pilots. The video for “Creep” was actually the band’s second shot for MTV. The first, directed by Gus van Sant, was canned due to explicit depictions of sex and drug use.

5. The Pharcyde, “4 Better or 4 Worse”
The Pharcyde’s jazzy beats and humorous rhymes made them West Coast hip hop’s foil to “gangsta rap.” After more than 20 years, this track, and the entire album Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde, are now considered classics.

This short about a third generation soldier that returns home from Vietnam (below) was directed by RECTIFY’s Aden Young and won Best Original Music for a Short Film at the 1999 Australian Screen Music Awards.

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