“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 306 (The Source)

Daniel Holden Rectify 306 Recap

Sheriff Daggett and D.A. Person sit down with Chris Nelms and his lawyer at the police station. They listen to a voicemail in which Trey warns Chris that George is “all tweaked out” about Daniel’s release. Chris confesses that they raped Hanna.

Janet tells Ted, Sr., that she’s taking a road trip with Daniel. She mentions that Teddy will be staying at their house and tables a discussion about their relationship until she returns.

Janet meets Daniel and Amantha at Jon’s motel, where Daniel spent the night. Amantha playfully runs off with a box of fritters when Daniel jokes about Janet stealing them.

At the station, Chris explains that Hanna asked them to keep the rape a secret from Daniel—then looked curiously “pouty” when they promised to stay quiet as long as she stayed quiet.

Trey sits in the hallway after being summoned to the station by Sheriff Daggett. He waits, unaware of who or what is holding up Sheriff Daggett. 

Chris says Trey came to his house the morning after the rape and instructed him to call the sex consensual should Hanna end up telling other people. Chris was then called to the police station but was sent home, along with other kids, without being questioned. D.A. Person speculates that Trey was unaware of Hanna’s death when he visited Chris.

Daniel says goodbye to Amantha and Jon, then gets in the car with Janet.

Tawney returns home after taking Teddy’s offer to have the house to herself. Teddy says he’ll stay at Ted, Sr.’s house while she’s there and mentions that Daniel left town for good. Tawney asks Teddy to change the house locks and is surprised when he agrees without a fight.

On the road to Savannah, Daniel reminisces about a restaurant from his childhood. After refusing to “Google” to find out if it’s still open, Daniel suggests a side trip to their side trip.

Sheriff Daggett interrogates Trey. When Trey dodges all his questions, Sheriff Daggett reveals that he listened to the voicemail that Trey left for Chris.

Amantha thanks Jon for all his hard work. Jon says they would have been better off with a less distracted lawyer.

Daniel gazes upon his prison from the middle of a field. Back in the car, he admits to Janet that he sometimes wants to go back to his “cocoon.”

Sheriff Daggett tells Trey that Chris admitted to the rape. Trey guesses that Sheriff Daggett made a deal with Chris and insists the sex was consensual. Sheriff Daggett lays out all the evidence: Trey was spotted at a gas station near the Flint River, where George’s body was found, on the same day that George arrived in Paulie. George’s wallet and phone then appeared in George’s trailer after George’s death. Trey finally comes clean and tells Sheriff Daggett that George killed himself.

At the beach, Daniel shares a warm exchange with a little boy. Daniel then proclaims he must go to “the source” and heads out into the water, reveling in the sensation of waves crashing against his body.

Daniel enters the prison visitation booth to find Tawney across the glass. Daniel realizes this can’t be a memory and Tawney confirms that it’s a dream. She tells him that she thinks God no longer exists. He comforts her, telling her God is everywhere. Tawney starts to cry, confessing she is lost and saying she was happy until he told her too much. The glass between them disappears and as they lean in to kiss, Tawney awakes—the owner of this dream.

At Senator Foulkes house, Jon tells the wheelchair-bound senator that Sheriff Daggett is arresting Trey for George’s murder—and wonders if Trey silenced George in order to cover up another crime. “The one thing I’m sure of is you are dirty,” he says, vowing to expose the senator and exonerate Daniel.

To her surprise, Amantha finds Teddy reading in Daniel’s bed. He suggests they eat.

While dining at a restaurant, Janet gives Daniel a checkbook and ATM card.

Over Chinese takeout, Teddy tells Amantha that he and Tawney are separated. She in turn reveals that she and Jon are no longer together. Bonded by their relationship woes, Teddy challenges her to a game of Gin Rummy.

Trey insists to Sheriff Daggett that he found George’s body, tossed it in the river, then took George’s wallet, phone and gun and planted them in George’s trailer to throw them off his trail. Sheriff Daggett agrees to visit the site of George’s alleged suicide, saying a bullet could forensically prove that George was killed by his own gun.

Jared arrives home to find Amantha and Teddy involved in an intense game of Gin Rummy. He asks to play, and they say no. A much lighter sibling dynamic has returned to the Holden-Talbot household.

The next morning, Trey brings Sheriff Daggett to the site of George’s suicide. Unable to find the bullet that killed George, Sheriff Daggett arrests Trey for George’s murder.

Janet and Daniel arrive at the New Canaan house.

As Teddy and Ted, Sr., install the kitchen stove, Ted, Sr. brings up Margaret, Teddy’s biological mother. Teddy says he always felt responsible for her leaving and that he was always afraid Tawney would do the same. And then, she did. Ted, Sr., explains that he was partially to blame—revealing that he emotionally cheated on Margaret and then didn’t try to repair the marriage. “I just hope you do all you can to save yours,” he says.

As he gathers his bags, Daniel asks Janet to forgive herself. “You did the best you could under the most unusual of circumstances,” he says. He walks inside his new home.

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