“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 303 (Sown with Salt)

Amantha Holden Forrest Rectify 303

At the police station, Daniel’s probation officer outlines the terms of his probation and hands him a urine cup for his first drug screening.

In the hallway, Carl informs Daniel that George is dead and asks to speak with him in private.

In the men’s room, Carl notes that Daniel seemed unsurprised by the news of George’s death and proceeds to grill Daniel about his visit to George’s trailer. After stumbling over his replies, Daniel refuses to answer further questions without Jon present.

Janet asks Ted, Sr. to look into allocating some tire shop money to Daniel, reasoning that Daniel would have inherited the store when Lester died. Ted, Sr. agrees then forewarns her that he and Teddy are going to finish the kitchen renovation.

At a Thrifty Town management training retreat in Macon, a facilitator invites Amantha to tell her fellow trainees a unique story about herself. She describes how she dedicated years of her life to exonerating Daniel — only to have him plead guilty in a plea deal. “And now he’s living on my couch,” she says tearfully.

Daniel vacuums the pool to prep it for painting. Melvin asks if he has picked a place to live and suggests he at least pretend to pick a place. “I’m not used to deciding on anything. Postponing is more my strength,” Daniel says, unable to entertain Melvin’s inquiry.

Tawney stops by the house to pack some clothes. Teddy surprises her in the bedroom, despite telling her he would be gone. He agrees to see Beth and Mitch’s marriage counselor but loses interest when Tawney reveals that she’s already begun seeing the therapist on her own.

Carl questions Trey about his visit to George’s trailer. Trey suggests that Daniel might have wanted to hurt George for testifying against him at the rape trial. He further tries to incriminate Daniel by quoting him as saying, “George ain’t coming.”

Teddy tells Tawney that he thinks Ted, Sr. knows about Daniel’s assault. Tawney suggests they see the therapist together after all, saying he needs to talk to someone. “You don’t mean that,” Teddy says and orders her to leave.

Trey tells Carl that Daniel attacked him while in a trancelike state. He speculates that Daniel planned out the entire night, from suggesting the visit to George’s trailer to pushing pills on Trey.

Janet finds Teddy and Jared helping Ted, Sr. with the kitchen. Teddy insists he’s not trying to “take over anything,” but Janet graciously thanks him for helping. Having overheard Ted, Sr. grumble about costs, Janet tells him to get vinyl flooring instead of her more expensive preference, wood. “I don’t really care,” she says tersely.

In a flashback, Jon visits Daniel in prison to tell him that he’s finally getting out of prison. Daniel cries for joy but predicts it will be hard on Janet to have him back after emotionally letting him go.

Amantha ditches the Thrifty Town karaoke night and hangs out at her hotel bar. Forrest, a businessman staying at the hotel, flirts with Amantha and buys her a drink.

Daniel returns to the police station to be questioned by Carl — with Jon in tow. “No surprises this time,” Jon says. Daniel reassures Jon that he told him everything.

In his office, Carl interrogates Daniel about his trip to Florida and his attack on Trey. He reveals that Daniel’s fingerprints were found on George’s wallet and cell phone, prompting Daniel to surmise that Trey wiped them clean. Daniel admits to having a temper but denies killing George. At Carl’s prodding, he discloses that Tawney picked him up in Florida and that he told her about assaulting Teddy. Blindsided by the news about both assaults, Jon stops the interview.

Amantha tells Forrest about exonerating Daniel. “You are impressive, Amantha Holden,” he says admiringly.

In his car, Jon angrily tells Daniel that assaulting people could land him back in prison. “Would that be so bad?” Daniel asks. Jon urges Daniel to give his new life a chance.

Amantha and Forrest kiss in the elevator. She invites him to her room.

Daniel gets to work and starts painting the pool in the middle of the night.

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