“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 302 (Thrill Ride)


Amantha wakes up late, hungover after the bottle of wine she consumed the night before waiting for Daniel, and frantically dresses for work. She leaves Daniel alone in her apartment.

Sensing that Ted, Sr. is hiding something, Janet prods him into revealing that Daniel assaulted Teddy. She is stunned.

At the tire shop, Teddy gets unnerved by the inflatable tube man and unplugs it.

Tawney speaks to a therapist about her marriage and growing up with her foster mother, Miss Kathy. She describes Teddy’s anger issues, which make her feel “trapped,” and admits she felt relieved when she had the miscarriage.

Carl tells D.A. Person that he searched George’s trailer in Florida while investigating George’s disappearance. She reprimands him for entering the trailer without a warrant — and in another state, no less, which is out of his jurisdiction.

At Thrifty Town, Wynn introduces Amantha to Peanut, who is back from maternity leave. As Peanut resumes her post at Amantha’s cashier station, Wynn asks Amantha to stock the shelves.

Carl tells D.A. Person that he found George’s wallet and cell phone in the trailer, even though records show the cell phone was used six weeks ago in Paulie. He also reveals that Daniel and Trey were recently at the trailer. D.A. Person orders Carl to dispatch a colleague to the scene and forbids anyone from entering the trailer. She also prohibits him from pursuing any further investigations without consulting her.

Daniel paces around Amantha’s living room in search of something to do.

At the tire shop, Ted, Sr. informs Teddy that Daniel moved in with Amantha. “Just thought you might want to know,” he says, looking at Teddy with concern.

Jon looks for Daniel at Janet’s house and learns that he is now living with Amantha.

Daniel runs into his old friend (and Amantha’s landlord) Melvin at the apartment complex. Melvin kindly offers to show Daniel how to do a load of laundry.

Jon urges Janet to help Daniel, who has yet to find a new city and state to live in. He tells her about the New Canaan Project, a non-profit organization that offers career and psychological counseling for ex-offenders.

Teddy stops by Beth and Mitch’s house to drop off laundry for Tawney. Mitch intercepts him outside and offers to give the laundry to Tawney when she returns. Teddy grows short with Mitch and stalks off.

Carl tells Mr. Melton about George’s death and asks if George might have killed himself. Mr. Melton says it’s possible but doubts George would have done it with a gun. He suggests Carl investigate Trey, who was recently looking for George. “Something about it smelled,” he says.

Amantha stops by Janet’s house to ask why Daniel left. Janet refuses to discuss it.

In an attempt at being productive, Daniel tries to buy groceries at a mini mart but comes up short in cash. The cashier suggests he would get “more bang for his buck” at a grocery store.

With the house to himself, Teddy drinks beer and blasts country music. Jared drops in for a visit, surprising Teddy.

Amantha arrives home to find Daniel listening to classical music and preparing dinner. He insists she relax while he cooks.

While eating the barbecue leftovers meant for Tawney with Jared, Teddy proposes they go for a car ride. He grabs beers from the fridge and tosses his car keys to Jared.

Over dinner, Daniel tells Amantha that he got a job painting the swimming pool for Melvin. Amantha briefly smiles but is quickly overcome by the stress of the day. “This is all very thoughtful, Daniel, but I just can’t pretend that I give a shit,” she says, leaving the table.

Teddy guzzles beer and instructs Jared to drive to Beth and Mitch’s house, where they park and watch Tawney through the dining room window. He tells Jared that he once pressured a girl into having sex with him and urges Jared never to do the same. Jared assures Teddy he would never do such a thing. Teddy recalls telling Jared that he was nothing like Daniel. “You ain’t like me, either, and that’s a good thing,” he says. Jared sits uncomfortably as Teddy insists on watching Tawney just a little while longer.

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