“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 301 (Hoorah)

Tawney Talbot Rectify 301 Recap

Shortly after deciding to press charges against Daniel, Teddy learns from Carl that the judge already signed off on Daniel’s plea deal and that Daniel must leave Georgia within 30 days.

At home, Daniel tells Ted, Sr. that the deal is done. Ted, Sr. coolly declines Daniel’s offer to help finish renovating the kitchen.

D.A. Person asks Sen. Foulkes about Christopher Nelms — one of the men who had sex with Hanna on the night of her death, according to Daniel’s statement. Sen. Foulkes warns her against looking into Hanna’s promiscuity and uprooting the lives of her alleged sexual partners.

Teddy prepares dinner alone in an empty house. He hears Tawney’s voice, but it’s just his imagination. He dines alone.

Amantha meets Jon at a bar, still angry that he presented the plea deal to Daniel. He informs her that the deal is done and that he’s fully moved out of her apartment.

Jared visits Claire, his ex-girlfriend, to vent about Daniel’s plea deal. “He gets to leave town while the rest of us have to stay here and eat shit,” he says. She comforts him.

At home, Janet unpacks a bag of takeout food for dinner. Ted, Sr. advises against inviting Teddy and Tawney to dine with them and Daniel.

That night, Ted, Sr., Janet and Daniel gather for a lonely dinner in celebration of the plea bargain. Janet tells Daniel that the food is from Willy D’s, which she believes to be his favorite BBQ restaurant. When Teddy stops by for an unannounced visit, she awkwardly realizes that it’s Teddy’s, not Daniel’s, favorite BBQ joint. Over dinner, Teddy tells Daniel about the miscarriage.

Tawney dines alone at a diner and calls Miss Kathy to ask if she can visit for a few days. Miss Kathy suggests the following week instead.

In private, Teddy accuses Daniel of telling Tawney about the assault so that he could put his own positive spin on the story. He threatens to press charges if he finds out Daniel is with Tawney.

At the coroner’s office, Carl shows George’s corpse to D.A. Person and tells her he will not be conferring with Sen. Foulkes during his investigation into George’s death. He speculates that George may have committed suicide. D.A. Person reminds him that they must first find the gun that killed George before jumping to conclusions.

Ted, Sr. finds Daniel sanding the old kitchen cabinets late at night and asks Daniel to refrain from using the sander at such a late hour. He requests that Daniel tell Janet what he did to Teddy and firmly suggests Daniel find another place to stay for the remainder of his time in Georgia.

Divers dredge the river where George’s body was found but fail to find the gun that killed George.

Over breakfast, Janet asks Ted, Sr. if he’s seen Daniel. Ted, Sr. says no.

Tawney stays at her friend Beth’s house. Beth confides that she and her husband saw a marriage counselor after experiencing two miscarriages. Tawney doubts Teddy would see a counselor.

Janet stops by Teddy and Tawney’s house to drop off dinner leftovers. Teddy reveals that he and Tawney are having marital issues. Janet apologizes for being unavailable to Teddy while taking care of Daniel.

In a flashback, death row guards escort Daniel to the viewing room for the execution chamber.

Back in Paulie, Daniel reads a book at an empty playground and makes small talk with a mother. He leaves when he notices her discomfort at his presence.

At Thrifty Town, Wynn informs Amantha that Peanut is returning from maternity leave but says Amantha can keep her job if she pursues a managerial track.

Tawney calls Teddy and tells him she’s at Beth’s house. She reassures him that she only told Beth about the miscarriage and nothing else. When she suggests a marriage counselor, he ignores the idea and brusquely ends the call.

On death row, Daniel envisions himself getting strapped into the injection chair and meditates on the details of his final moments — what his last words will be and whether Janet will watch the execution. “Hell, it probably won’t happen again, just like last time, and the time before that,” he says, calling it all a “game.” Weary of the game, he wonders if it would be better just to “get it over with.”

Daniel visits Amantha to ask if he can stay with her. She agrees but admits she is frustrated with him for not caring about things. “I’ll try to try,” he promises.

At the diner, Marcy tells Sen. Foulkes that their relationship is over. Sen. Foulkes suffers a stroke. Marcy dials 911.

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