Double the Love: Game and Design Duo on “RECTIFY”

John and Dan Bell (a.k.a. “The Bell Bros”) were already SundanceTV fans, but still RECTIFY newbies. After binging on the series, the Webby Award-winning game and design twins reflected on what made the series so addicting. Check out how they’ve doubled the love below.

John: “I didn’t know much about RECTIFY going into the first episode, but that almost made it better. I had already watched two great series from SundanceTV, TOP OF THE LAKE and THE RETURNED (don’t even get me started on how good THE RETURNED was), so I was excited to catch up on SundanceTV’s first original series. After just a few episodes I was completely drawn in. My wife even caught me tearing up at one point, which she took far too much pleasure in.”

Dan: “I really liked the way Daniel appreciates the small things that most people take for granted. Particularly, the one scene where he is laying on the floor staring up at a feather floating above him. It reminded me of when my brother and I used to lay on the floor and try to catch the specs of dust that passed through the light from our bedroom window. I wish I could regain that same childlike wonder and awe…without having to serve 20 years on death row.”

John and Dan are the Bell Brothers (, an independent game and design duo based in South Jersey. They spent three years crafting their award-winning game Record Tripping, and are on track to spend another three on their soon-to-be released game, The Dangerfield.

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