Entertainment Weekly Celebrates “RECTIFY’s” Stillness; Bustle Reflects on Its Women

This week, Entertainment Weekly keeps raving about the new season while Bustle focuses in on the “brilliant” series’ female characters. See what everyone is talking about.

Read on for more:

• Entertainment Weekly praises last week’s episode and the show’s masterful use of stillness, writing that RECTIFY’s “whisper is far louder than the shouts of any other show.”

• Bustle profiles the women of RECTIFY, praising their portrayals while considering the ways many of their lives and places in the narrative have been dominated by male relatives.

• AV Club reviews Episode 3, which it writes “grant[s] a huge sense of impact to the sight of a walking, talking Daniel Holden.”

• Paste reviews the episode, calling the series a “Shakespearean tragedy.”

• Popdust recaps last episode, mulling over unexpected dimensions in Sheriff Daggett.

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