6 Questions with “Rectify” Star Luke Kirby (Jon Stern)

Luke Kirby, who plays Jon Stern on RECTIFY, talks about the lawyer quote that helps him get into character, his foraging hobby and doing the dishes.

Q: Jon’s job seems to be about managing personalities and playing politics as much as it is about knowing the law. Does that make the gig more fun for you?

A: Yeah, I have a kin for that kind of thing. I’m drawn to or intrigued by politics. I’m not the most litigious person, I didn’t study in law, but it’s very revealing and there’s a ton of stuff out there on this. It’s an ongoing education for me. I guess the things that stuck out immediately for me is the time and money that’s required to get anything done in the wheels of justice. There’s a lot of grease necessary to keep it in motion.

Q: Do you think you’d have the same resolve to see a case like Daniel’s through if you were in Jon Stern’s place?

A: I don’t know how I would fare in that situation. I think lawyers who do this kind of work either have a learned or innate kind of a compassion valve, and I think they need to be determined and also very patient. I keep this quote around from Charles Hamilton Houston, who was a great American lawyer, and it’s “lose your head, lose your case.” I think of that a lot, because I think I would be more likely to lose my head, often. [Laughs]

Q: Jon is a sort of witness and outsider to this strange small-town parallel universe world of Paulie. Does it feel that way shooting on location as well?

A: It feels like a little family down here. We kind of came in with such alacrity for the show last season, and we were all kind of brought into this town together not really knowning where we were or what to do. And in fact, there isn’t a whole lot to do, so I do get to see people quite a bit from the cast. It’s just a super good group of folks to be around.

Q: Jon has trouble finding his footing with Amantha, but he holds his own in conversations with the State Senator and with the D.A. Person. Is there a side of Jon you relate to more?

A: It’s harder to stay on point when things get heated at home and home is where the heart is. I think it’s very relatable to be able to have a very clear and concise argument with somebody who you get to leave after it’s over. When it’s someone that you’re in it kind of deep with, like Jon and Amantha, it’s trickier to manage. So I think I have a little bit of both inside me.

Q: You’re not from the south, in fact you’re from Canada. What (if anything) about Southern culture have you come to enjoy?

A: I have been enjoying a little a bit of foraging. I initially thought there were chives growing everywhere, like everywhere, everywhere, and for the longest time I was just cutting them up and using them in my cooking and actually today I went over to one and I pulled it up and there was a bulb. It’s called “wild garlic.” It’s totally edible. There are a couple of things that look just like it that are deadly. I think that it has to smell like onion and garlic, but I love that kind of thing.

Q: Adelaide said you guys are rooming together during filming. Do you cook for your roommates? Who does all the dishes?

A: We all share in the household tasks. But you can guess who does all the dishes. Not that I’m complaining but there’s something to be said about squeezing the water out of the sponge before putting it back. I’m just going to mention that. If you just leave a wet sponge, it just gets really gross.

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