“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 3 (Charlie Darwin)

Daniel sees a tree branch fall in his neighbor’s driveway. He walks outside and stares intently at the limb.

Amantha frets over Daniel, who is still weak from the attack. Daniel mentions how much he misses the fritters from the local bakery. Amantha insists on getting some.

Janet tells Ted Sr. that she wants to renovate the kitchen with Daniel. She bristles when he says they don’t have enough money.

At the bakery, the cashier tells Amantha she’s glad that Bobby was arrested. Amantha’s jaw drops at the news.

Tawney suggests a date night with Teddy, who has been cold and distant. He brusquely agrees.

At home, Amantha tells Janet that Bobby was arrested. Janet receives a call from Carl, who asks to stop by and question Daniel. Amantha and Janet see Daniel revving the car in the driveway.

Janet brings a fritter to Daniel. He tells her he wants to drive the car but Janet suggests he get his license first. She then asks if he’s willing to talk to Carl. Daniel agrees.

At the bank, Teddy applies for a loan for his rim rental business. The loan officer requires Janet’s signature, since the tire shop is in her name. Teddy offers to put up his house as collateral. The loan officer says he needs Tawney’s signature.

When interviewed by Carl, Daniel denies that Bobby was his attacker.

Carl tells Janet and Amantha about Daniel’s denial. Amantha insists Bobby was the attacker. “You think I don’t know that?” Carl says, frustrated.

Amantha angrily yells for Daniel. Janet tells her to let him be.

In a flashback, a doctor stitches up Daniel’s forehead following his fight with the death row guards. The doctor recommends that Daniel put in a request for anti-depressants.

In the attic, Daniel puts his high school belongings into a trash bag.

At a diner, Jon orders Hollis’ last meal.

Tawney hesitantly looks over the loan paperwork and asks Teddy for more details about his business plan. He snaps that she doesn’t know enough about the tire business to understand.

Daniel throws his belongings into the outdoor trash bin and sees his neighbor inspecting the fallen limb. He offers to help move it but stumbles from the exertion.

As Amantha and Janet ponder Daniel’s motivations for lying about Bobby, Jared walks in and says he heard about Bobby’s arrest.

The neighbor sees Teddy pull up to the Talbot residence and asks him to help Daniel back into the house. Daniel starts to tell Teddy about his attempt to kiss Tawney. Teddy interrupts and tells Daniel to rest.

Teddy pulls Janet aside to propose his business plan. Janet distractedly says she’ll agree with whatever Ted Sr. decides, then goes to the kitchen, where Amantha is yelling at Daniel. “You can’t let him get away with what he did to you,” Amantha shouts. Daniel says accusing Bobby would accomplish nothing, then leaves. Jared calls his family a “bunch of freaks” and storms out.

Janet suggests Amantha go back to Atlanta and take some time off.

Jon brings the diner food to Hollis and asks why he lied. “I’m wired different,” Hollis says. “Have been as long I can remember.” He adds that it was fun to pretend to be normal.

Carl releases Bobby from his cell and exhorts him to make something of his life. He says in some cultures Bobby would be obliged to Daniel. “Not in this one,” Bobby responds.

In a flashback, a doctor gives Daniel antidepressants in his cell. “Salut,” Daniel says as he downs the meds.

Amantha sits lost in thought at the bakery.

Judy Dean picks up Bobby at the station. Jared rides up on his bike and exchanges looks with Bobby.

Tawney cooks macaroni for date night and looks at the loan paperwork.

Teddy zones out at a driving range.

Janet walks outside to find that Daniel has taken her car. Meanwhile, Daniel speeds down a country road.

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