How Long Would You Stay in a Small Town? Some Early Results Are In!

small town gameThe RECTIFY “How Long Would You Stay in a Small Town Like Paulie, Georgia” game has revealed a balanced viewpoint among SundanceTV viewers—the early results are almost evenly split. While some of you (49%) might stick around to raise a couple of wholesome kids, just slightly more of you (51%) aren’t going take to lemonade and porch swings any time soon. Here are the full results:

1. 18 Years – 30%
2. 5 Minutes – 21%
3. One Day – 19%
4. 1 Year – 11%
5. Forever – 10%
6. For Generations – 9%

Still pondering a move? Play the game again to see if you have what it takes to make it down on Main Street.

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