6 Questions With “Rectify” Star Abigail Spencer (Amantha Holden)

Abigail Spencer, who plays Amantha Holden on RECTIFY, talks about the key to her character’s style and working alongside co-star Aden Young (Daniel Holden).

Q: Amantha is a very unusual name. Do you know how Ray came up with it?

A: Ray and I have never spoken about this, which is so funny. But I heard through someone who heard that Ray has a friend who has a daughter named Amantha and the character is named after the daughter… And I was surprised, I was like Oh, a human is actually named this? Actually there was a version of the script in Season 2 that explains the name, but the scene got cut, so we will continue to ponder the origins.

Q: Amantha’s style on RECTIFY is adorable. Does Amantha’s style match your personal style at all? Is there anything from her wardrobe that you’d like to steal?

A: The Amantha style reflects a time in my life definitely, but not where I’m at currently. I’ve been living in Atlanta for a long time, and the women in Atlanta are wearing the boots with the feminine dresses. It’s the mixing and matching the masculine with the feminine. I think that’s kind of key and keeping it kind of vintage and keeping it believable that she could have this really great wardrobe and this really crappy car and not a super high-end existence, which I’ve really noticed. The girls dress really cute in Atlanta no matter what’s going on in their lives or what they’re doing.

Q: Amantha and Daniel have a very special relationship. Had you and Aden met before shooting? Do you and Aden workshop your scenes together before shooting them?

A: No, I actually showed up in Georgia without knowing who was going to be playing Daniel, so that was weird. [Laughs] They had not cast the role yet, and it happened very quickly. They had just been searching for a long time and you have to just trust that it’ll all come together.

Q: Did you have a chance to get to know each other at all before shooting?

A: Aden was flying in from Australia and he had trouble with customs. It was a nightmare. He hadn’t slept in days, and we were staying next door to each other. Before he got there, I actually got to see his screen test for the show and tears literally just started streaming down my face because it was like, “That is my brother.” I really do feel that. There was no effort, if you can believe that. Ray just cast the show really well.

Q: You were nominated for both Critics Choice and Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress. What was your reaction when you found out?

A: It’s wonderfulness. For me, it just made me feel like, “Oh my gosh, people are watching the show.” I feel like we’re this emerging hidden gem that people will hopefully catch onto.

Q: You are super busy shooting both movies and TV shows. How does RECTIFY compare to your experiences in the industry so far?

A: The thing makes RECTIFY so utterly and completely different is our creator Ray McKinnon. I think an experience is set apart by the people, and that’s what makes it amazing. To be here and to be so very far away from our lives while we shoot RECTIFY. None of us live here, we come here just to shoot the show. You really have to love it.

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