RECTIFY: Daniel’s case isn’t double jeopardy

The premiere of RECTIFY raised plenty of questions, but one we keep hearing is: Wouldn’t retrying Daniel Holden (Aden Young) be double jeopardy? Well, our friends at Buzzfeed want to make sure you know the answer is: No.

“If you go to trial in front of a jury and you’re found not guilty, that’s the end — double jeopardy is attached,” says Lara Bazelon, supervising attorney at the Loyola Law School Project for the Innocent. But on Rectify, Daniel’s conviction was simply vacated by a judge — he wasn’t found not guilty. “Getting a conviction vacated doesn’t mean you can’t be re-prosecuted,” says Bazelon. “The prosecutor has another shot at you. It just means that this particular conviction is invalid.” Think of it as a kind of mistrial after the fact. If prosectors wants to attempt to reconvict, “they have to start all over again” with a new trial.

So you can stop worrying about the legal issues, and start worrying about how Daniel is (or isn’t) dealing with the overwhelming world outside of Death Row.

via Buzzfeed

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