Breaking Bad EP on Walter White and Rectify’s Daniel Holden

Our corporate cousins over at AMC’s Breaking Bad blog caught up with that show’s co-Executive Producer Melissa Bernstein and guess what? She couldn’t help but share some insight into her next big project, Sundance Channel’s new original series Rectify. Check out what the show has in common with Breaking Bad so you can be ready for the big premiere on Monday, April 22nd at 9PM.

They’re both beautifully written and have compex characters at the center. Breaking Bad is so much of modern story about what it means to be a man in an extraordinary circumstance. And I think there’s a similarity with Daniel Holden, who’s at the center of Rectify. They’re both men that have secrets and some parts of their personalities that they don’t have access to, and I think the show gets to delve into those dark corners of their minds. That’s a really fascinating place to be. Ray McKinnon — the showrunner of Rectify — and Vince Gilligan both want to write stories about characters that feel like people you could know and care about. Another thing they have in common is that they both have a dark sense of humor. There is very dark humor in both of those shows and observed human behavior and I think they have that in common.

You can check out the entire interview here.

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