“REBELLION” Night 3 Recap: Episode 5 (The Reckoning)

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By May 12, 1916, the rebellion long squashed, trials and executions of Irish republican leadership have been carried out for ten days to growing outrage.

The violently loyalist police Detective Coleman (Steve Wall), responsible for identifying Jimmy (Brian Gleeson) as a leader, searches Frances aunt’s (Niamh Cusack) place and almost gets himself shot by a gun-toting Frances (Ruth Bradley) hiding in the attic with May (Sarah Greene), but mercifully misses her.

Jimmy’s one allowed visitor is admitted: Peggy (Lydia McGuinness). He asks her to forgive him for his role in Peter’s death. Peggy tells Jimmy she can’t forgive him and leaves.

Ingrid (Sophie Robinson) continues treating the wounded as a nurse. She is ushered away from the firing squad as soldiers execute one of her patients, ICA leader James Connolly (Brian McCardie).

George (Andrew Simpson) visits Stephen (Paul Reid), who tells him he’s “lost his nerve” and is unfit for leadership in his traumatized, suicidal state. George tries to cheer his friend up but finds his newfound nihilism runs deep.

May tells Frances she plans to turn herself in as a suspected collaborator, but Frances begs her not to and tells her she’ll sort out the situation for her.

Jimmy is marched out of his cell for transfer to death row.

George, processing and often dismissing a parade of low-level rebel prisoners, comes face to face with an almost unrecognizable Elizabeth (Charlie Murphy). She asks about Jimmy and George tells her he’s probably being executed that morning. George rebukes her for not asking about Stephen. George advises Elizabeth to claim she was manipulated into joining the movement by Jimmy, but Elizabeth refuses to deny her own agency, telling George that her actions are not solely based on the influence of a man, and George has her detained for prosecution.

Minnie (Jordanne Jones) interrogates Peggy about her visit to Jimmy, realizing that he’s going to be executed and the family’s situation is dire. Peggy insists that Minnie report to work at the Butlers’ anyway to repay Dolly (Michelle Fairley) and Edward’s (Ian McElhinney) generosity.

Edward tells Dolly many customers have left his bank over Elizabeth’s scandal and he intends to remain conspicuously loyal to the crown. Dolly tells him she can no longer support the British after their handling of martial law.

Harry (Michael Ford-Fitzgerald) tries to bribe Detective Coleman to smooth things over for Elizabeth with the remains of the money stolen from his father’s study, explaining that his father has refused to use his influence to help her himself. Coleman takes the money and calls Harry out on stealing it from his father, having heard about the reports, and suggesting that he intends to inform Edward of the attempted transaction.

May turns herself in to Charles (Tom Turner). Charles offers to cover up her treachery in exchange for May’s delivering their child and giving it to himself and Vanessa (Perdita Weeks) for adoption.

Dolly visits George and begs him to help her visit Elizabeth. Upon seeing her daughter in her ruined state, Dolly tells her daughter she’s proud of her for fighting for her beliefs, but advises Elizabeth to recant them when she’s being prosecuted. Elizabeth tells Dolly she cannot.

Harry, entering his father’s study to confess, finds Edward dead and phones the police.

Peggy confesses her inability to forgive Jimmy to Father Mulcahy (Gus McDonagh), the priest who promised to bring Peter (Jason Cullen) home safe. She insists that she never will forgive her brother-in-law and the priest denies her absolution.

A newly entitled Harry has the reported theft chalked up to his father’s presumably deteriorating state over Detective Coleman’s gentle objection as police take away the body.

Frances’ aunt tries to convince her to flee to the countryside and tells her she can’t remain in hiding with her.

Stephen confesses his suicidal ideation to superiors but is denied his hoped-for discharge by the English, who can’t afford the bad publicity, with Stephen a respected Irish member of parliament. Stephen is ordered to the front in France and assured he won’t be promoted in the future by a spiteful officer.

Ingrid tells George she really has found her calling in nursing just like he found his own in law. George admits he’s lost most of his Irish clients working for the English and he plans to reconcile with his father and take his practice back to Belfast, asking her to come with him. Ingrid tells him she’s sorry, but she can’t.

Frances rebukes May for thinking of giving up her child and letting Charles use her. Frances tries to convince her friend to flee with her and join up with a rebel cell somewhere, punctuating the plea with a single passionate kiss.

Looking over Edward’s body, Dolly tells Harry she has spoiled him and he’ll have to rise to the occasion and take on the responsibilities of head of household. He promises to change his ways.

May returns to Charles, accepting his offer on the condition that she be guaranteed a senior position at Dublin Castle when she returns from England.

Minnie runs into Harry at the pub, where he’s enjoying a supposedly final night of decadence, and pays her to sleep with him again.

As Jimmy and the rest of the condemned men are marched toward the docks, where they will be shipped off to serve prison sentences, Frances looks on from a crowd in the street and breaks away to follow Detective Coleman.

Elizabeth sees Jimmy passing through the jail and they scream their goodbyes as soldiers prevent them from embracing.

Harry mockingly toasts the passing rebels from his pub, still apolitical and confident his machinations will guarantee Elizabeth’s eventual freedom.

After nightfall, Frances shoots Detective Coleman dead in the street.

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