“REBELLION” Night 2 Recap: Episodes 3 and 4 (Under Siege)

Tom Turner-Charles-Sophie Robinson-Ingrid-Rebellion-104-700x384On the third day of fighting, rebels still hold isolated positions as more British soldiers arrive to crush them.

Arthur (Barry Ward) refuses to participate in a firing squad against captured rebels. His commanding officer demotes him to removing the dead from the streets.

Frances (Ruth Bradley) flees enemy snipers and disguises herself to gain admittance through a blockade, forwarding intelligence to Connolly (Brian McCardie). He tells Jimmy (Brian Gleeson) to pass along orders to a hesitant commandant to continue holding an important location.

Young lawyer George Wilson’s (Andrew Simpson) lover Ingrid (Sophie Robinson), turned away after arriving in Belfast to surprise him, joins Elizabeth (Charlie Murphy) treating wounded rebels.

With Charles (Tom Turner) at Dublin Castle, Vanessa (Perdita Weeks) and May (Sarah Greene) are still stuck at the Hammond residence. Vanessa’s maid notices May’s morning sickness and May asks her not to tell Vanessa.

Harry (Michael Ford-Fitzgerald) visits Elizabeth for money, explaining that during a drunken binge he got in deep with a dangerous loan shark. She gives him her engagement ring.

Frances and Jimmy join up with the embattled commandant’s crew, sniping at army forces marching nearby.

George finds Ingrid, apologizes, and begs her to leave with him, but she insists she’s found her true calling as a nurse.

Edward (Ian McElhinney) and Dolly (Michelle Fairley) debate fleeing Dublin, but Dolly ultimately convinces her husband to stay and help the people.

Elizabeth watches a soldier shoot Arthur’s son Peter (Jason Cullen), who’s wandering the street in Jimmy’s ICA cap after being taken to search for dropped weapons. She screams, “He’s a child,” and drags him off as the soldiers, including Stephen (Paul Reid), hold their fire.

Jimmy insists on escaping the now-overrun stronghold with Frances. He gets cornered by a young soldier, but Frances kills the youth and they leave.

Everyone at the GPO is horrified as Peter arrives back seriously wounded.

Distraught by the carnage in the streets, Arthur abandons his duties and returns home, telling Peggy (Lydia McGuinness) he can’t go back out and fight. Peggy reminds him he has no choice but to serve in the army and earn a living for his family.

Vanessa finds out about May’s pregnancy and calls her a whore, claiming Charles always has flings with his secretaries. When she accuses May of faking the pregnancy, May insists Charles is the father, and not sterile as previously thought.

Jimmy arrives back at rebel headquarters and, finding Peter dead, breaks down sobbing. Arthur, meanwhile, returns to duty.

Pearse (Marcus Lamb) rouses the assembled rebels at the GPO, shouting, “Know that we have won!” as English shells start to destroy the building.

The rebels have retreated from the GPO, with Connolly seriously wounded and most of the leadership dead. The remaining Volunteers surrender. Elizabeth and Jimmy hold hands as they are marched down the street.

Charles’ superior resigns and tries to force him to as well, but he insists he wants to help restore order to Ireland.

In disguise, Frances watches the rebels get rounded up, pretending not to recognize one young battalion member as he calls out to let his mother know he’s alive.

Stephen confronts Elizabeth and insists on sending her home. She locks eyes with Jimmy, breaking away from Stephen to join the captured. Elizabeth is imprisoned with other rebel women.

Charles arrives home and learns that May’s pregnancy is out in the open. Vanessa tells May to leave and Charles defers to her, claiming he doesn’t love May. She leaves.

Arthur is informed at army barracks of Peter’s death. Jimmy and other prisoners watch an officer humiliate the current “President of the Irish Republic.” Arthur finds Jimmy and assaults him, then breaks down, sobbing.

Arthur’s request to attend his son’s funeral is denied and he’s shipped out to the front in France immediately.

Jimmy, identified by the cop who tried to bust up his printing press before the rebellion, is dragged out of a lineup, while Michael Collins (Sebastian Thommen) is passed over as “a nobody.”

Harry steals money from his father’s study to stay ahead of his loanshark and frames Minnie (Jordanne Jones) for it. He promises he won’t out her as a “floozy” if she doesn’t return to work the next day, and gives her ten pounds. Later, Edward discovers the missing money and Minnie’s absence and reports the theft to the police.

Edward tries to forbid Dolly from visiting Elizabeth in prison, but Dolly goes anyway.

George, tasked with prosecuting the rebels, tries to figure out how to give them a fair trial. He visits Pearse and secretly advises him that if evidence of technically treasonous activities can be covered up, then leadership will face less serious charges. Pearse seems uninterested, preferring to martyr himself and the rest of the leadership.

Charles tries to reconcile with May, but she rejects him and tells him she doesn’t love him.

A deeply traumatized Stephen puts his service pistol to his temple.

Minnie gives the Butlers’ money to her mother for Peter’s funeral.

The rebel leadership is convicted of treason and summarily executed. Jimmy grimly takes his place in line.

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