starring Angela Rockwood, Tiphany Adams, Auti Angel, Mia Schaikewitz and Chelsie Hill

Chapter Seven: SEXY TIME

Oh, my little duckies, I promised you we’d get to the good part, didn’t I? Let’s dim the lights, grab a glass of wine, light some candles, put on the Walrus of Love (Barry White, for the uninitiated) and start your engines, because our Push Girls are about to knock your (black) socks off. But before we can get down and dirty, let’s start slow, shall we?


With a Push Girl, foreplay’s not just a base to brush by before sliding into home. As Angela explains: “You gotta think of sensation. For quadriplegics, the breast up is very heightened and sensitive so I like a lot of kissing around the neck.” Auti adds, “It’s like when people become visually impaired and their smells and other senses become heightened. It’s like that with us – we just lost sensation in a different area.” So boys, think: breast, neck, shoulders, nape and get to some nuzzling! But don’t forget down there… they appreciate a little attention paid to their pussy cats.

Now that you’re all revved up and ready to go, take your hand and… oh wait. My bad. There are STILL a few things we need to discuss before we go all the way.

Homeland Security
As we all know, nothing is sexier than staying clean. And we’re not talking a bubble bath (although Ange is into that too). We need to have The Talk before we can let you past our front lines. As we discussed briefly in the previous chapter- Push Girls don’t need to be worrying about uninvited guests.

“You must cap that and put a condom on or use a dental dam,” says Angela. “If you have oral sex and you don’t really know the person – I mean you don’t really know where they’ve been. Someone could have herpes and there you are down there, digging for gold!”

As for condom use, Ange adds: “I definitely (make a guy use a condom) – then, after we’ve been dating a while it can come off but I need to make sure I hear the doctor say to him, ‘Yes, you’re clean’ before it comes off.” Auti agrees, “Always protect.”

Tiph takes it one step further – and won’t even let someone into her bed unless they’ve been doctor certified.

Before the panties are dropped you gotta go to the doctor, Tiph says. “I’m definitely willing to connect with someone but I’m not gonna put my own health at risk. One night stands are a no go for me. I’m just very certain before I become fully intimate with someone.”

Birth Control
As we established in the first chapter, Push Girls can get pregnant just like the rest of you ladies. And, even though Auti is now trying for a baby, she always took precautions to make sure she didn’t have one accidentally.

“I’ve tried birth control pills and they made me sick,” Auti said. “So my birth control methods are definitely condoms. Celibacy was my best method.”

Angela is also not a fan of the pills, shots or anything of the other prescribed ways to stop sperm.

“I’ve never used pills because I’m very holistic,” she says. “Anything that stops your period flow is wrong – so I’ve always counted my ovulation or used condoms.”

So. You’ve been tested, slapped on the condom, shucked the socks and are raring to go. That’s great! See you next week when we go all sorts of Dr. Ruth on your ass.

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