starring Angela Rockwood, Tiphany Adams, Auti Angel, Mia Schaikewitz and Chelsie Hill

Chapter Nine: The Push Girls Go There

There always comes a time in an interviewer’s piece when she realizes, “Dangit – that was good. But It just doesn’t fit…” And with the Push Girls there’s always more good stuff. So we decided to give you a bonus chapter if you will – full of fun facts and random answers to questions that may or may not have even been (verbally) asked.

What are Mia’s tricks for attracting guys at a club?
Mia: Yes. If I see a guy I’m interested in I will definitely make eye contact and not shy away from it. I’m not aggressive and I wouldn’t go up to him unless I had a few drinks in me – but if I did, I’d introduce myself. I’m not the girl who plays hard to get. If I’m into someone I’m going to be friendly and flirty and see if it goes somewhere, why not?

What is Tiph really attracted to?
Tiph: In a superficial sense? I love teeth (laughs). Oh gosh, I should be a dentist.

Back story: When Tiphany flirts, sometimes people get confused. As Mia says, “You flirt with everyone.” So how do you know when she’s just being flirty as opposed to really interested and flirting with a purpose?
Tiph: I get a little bit more giggly. If I’m flirting, I’m certainly engaged in what you’re saying and I might give a little giggle and tilt my head. If I’m not interested I won’t pay attention and will probably have to say, ‘Huh? Oh wait, did you just say something?” But, at the end of the day, Tiph is very direct. “If I’m really flirting I’ll ask if you have a partner and then give you my phone number.”

So you really want to impress Mia? Take her home for a game.
“My favorite baseball team are the Braves, because I’m from the ATL.”

Tiph is a hometown girl, and while she likes going out to nice places every now and then, she’s still getting used to it.
“I literally just started learning what all these things on the menus (at fancy restaurants) meant. I mean, I really don’t now. There’s a lot of things on the menu that I don’t fully understand when they describe certain foods. I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s just a potato – that’s a fancy fucking potato just mini me sized!’”

Auti’s nickname for her husband Eric?

People in wheelchairs aren’t automatically limber because they can’t feel their legs.
“You want to know if we are more limber because we can’t feel our legs which is so not true,” Auti says. “I was a dancer prior to the accident so I was very limber and able to put my legs behind my head. Had I not been limber then there would be no way i could do that. I know some girls in chairs who can’t kick their legs over their heads.”

Tongue twisters don’t tie them down

Sex actually got better for Auti once she was in a wheelchair
“I learned to appreciate me more,” Auti says. “Once I learned to love myself more I learned to be more vocal with my partner and say what i needed and wanted.”

What’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?
Angela: “(once while) working out at the gym and we were smack dab in the middle of the gym… there was once a parking lot… or in my neighborhood on a van floor…”

And now my little duckies, our little guide has come to an end, hopefully leaving you a little wiser, a little stronger and a little hornier!

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And now, we’ll give Auti the last word on what is really important:

“Lust fades, love lasts.”

Ain’t that the truth!

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