starring Angela Rockwood, Tiphany Adams, Auti Angel, Mia Schaikewitz and Chelsie Hill

Chapter Eight: Push It Real Good

Oh thank God. Now that we’ve had “The Talk” we can get down to business!

Side Note: While all Push Girls are down for some action, only Auti and Angela would go into detail about doing the dirty.

Let’s not muck around, shall we? No one wants a little Lord Fauntleroy in the sack, gingerly prancing about. Remember, just because a Push Girl can’t walk doesn’t mean she’s a flimsy little flower.
“Most guys who are with us for the first time don’t want to ‘break’ us again, so they’re really delicate,” says Auti, rolling her eyes. “They think we’re fragile – so we have to be like, ‘No, dude – watch what I can do,’ and then they’re like, ‘Oh, okay. I got it from here.’”

Plump up those pillows and grab a wedge, because we’re going in: Auti is very straightforward on her favorite style: Doggy. “I like it from the back with my hips pulled up,” she says. “There’s more sensation.” As for Ange – she’s more of a missionary lady. “I love it when they’re so close with you – right there, connected. or also from behind but it doesn’t have to be doggy style – it can be on your side and they’re right up on you, grabbing your breasts or your hip.”

Let’s Get Kinky

Auti’s “Egg Roll”

Auti, being a dancer, is exceptionally limber. She can lock her legs behind her ears for her man in a move Angela dubs “The Egg Roll.” WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME UNLESS YOU TOO ARE A PRACTICED, PLIANT PERSON… else you may end up needing to call the fire department and… oh, well, that might work too.

The Hoyer Lift

Pamela Anderson once bragged about the sex swing she and Tommy Lee used to use back in the good ol days, but if you’re with a Push Girl and are getting some kinky ideas about that Hoyer Lift the quads use to get in and out of bed – one word: don’t.
“A Hoyer Lift looks like a sex swing, but it’s not,” says Ange. “They are not comfortable at all, they cut into your legs.” However, if you wanna lay down the mega bucks for a specially designed swing? Bring it on. “If someone wants to send one our way, we could probably test it out!” Ange adds.

Fifty Shades of Fantasies
If you really want a Push Girl to snatch you into the sack, then you gotta dig deep and get to know what really turns her on. Angela likes a little walk on the wild side – admitting to buying feather contraptions at sex toy stores, and a penchant for silk scarves and blindfolds… and even a hankering for sexy skydiving.

Another fantasy of Angela’s? “Doing it on a roller coaster. Oh my gosh – can you imagine that? Trying to do it on a roller coaster? That’s a whole ‘nother show right there!”

Auti’s is a little more manageable. Her fantasy is having sex “on a white sandy beach. Somewhere tropical where it was raining but also warm outside and you can hear the waves crashing. Yeah, we could make that happen.”

The “It Doesn’t Have to be Awkward” After Glow

So, you’ve just thrown your Push Girls legs up, had some wild crazy monkey sex and you head off to the bathroom to clean up. Well, excuse moi, mi amigo but GET THE HELL BACK HERE! There’s some stuff that’s unique to Push Girls that you need to know – like PUT THE LEGS BACK. No, not the table legs – the legs, legs.

Always remember: It’s never sexy to leave a girl hanging with her legs in the air.

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