starring Angela Rockwood, Tiphany Adams, Auti Angel, Mia Schaikewitz and Chelsie Hill

PUSH GIRLS gets rolling on Season 2

“…You really haven’t seen anything like this formidable posse before—five women bonded by the common obstacle life has thrown at them, but even more so by how they’ve chosen to handle it.”

-Maria Elena Fernandez, Newsweek/The Daily Beast

 “Once in a great while a show comes along to remind us that there are wonderful and valuable things the reality genre can do that scripted shows simply cannot. PUSH GIRLS is one of those shows.”

-Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times



 The Wildly Popular Women in Wheelchairs to Return on June 3rd


NEW YORK –April 11, 2013 – Sundance Channel will premiere season two of their groundbreaking docu-series PUSH GIRLS on Monday, June 3 with ten highly-anticipated new episodes. The show once again features the four beautiful, captivating and intelligent women audiences became enamored with last season, as they continue to challenge society’s perception of what life is really like in a wheelchair.  Following the series debut last year, PUSH GIRLS drew widespread critical and audience acclaim. As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, “…there’s a fiery spirit to PUSH GIRLS that cannot be ignored.” Sundance Channel will also continue its successful social media strategy around the PUSH GIRLS Hall of Fame on Facebook. Fans will be able to submit photo nominations of people they see as a personal PUSH GIRLS. In Season One, this strategy drove the most user-generated content submissions of any promotion for the Channel to date and helped the Facebook page generate record engagement numbers during the first season, with the “talking about this” rate climbing to as much as 400% of fans.

“Uncensored, unscripted and unstoppable, PUSH GIRLS shows the world that women in wheelchairs can be every bit as daring, ambitious and downright engaging as anybody else on television,” said Sarah Barnett, President of the Sundance Channel. “We love that this show breaks down a few stereotypes at the same time as being fantastically entertaining.”

This season will offer viewers a fly on the wall look at the lives, loves and personal struggles of Angela, Auti, Mia and Tiphany, as they explore new romances, tackle longstanding issues, mentor newly injured patients, and try out modern technologies that will allow them to pursue happiness and independence on their own terms. The four friends continue to cheer on 21-year old Chelsie Hill who has been paralyzed for four years and looks to the women for guidance as she moves away from her parents for the first time and finds herself in a serious relationship with an able-bodied man.

The boundary-breaking docu-series PUSH GIRLS from executive producer Gay Rosenthal (Ruby; Little People, Big World) drew an overwhelming amount of support from the disability community.  “This is not a TV show about paralysis,” said Peter Wilderotter, president and CEO of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. “This is a show about four friends who happen to have paralysis. And that’s the entire point. It’s not only good TV, but it is important TV as well.”

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