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Push girls on the Huffington Post!

You’ve seen the fabulous push girls onscreen, but did you know you can read them in print, too? Mia, Auti, Angela and Tiphany have been talking up a storm over on The Huffington Post, with a lot of great insights and expansions on what you see on PUSH GIRLS. If you haven’t yet checked them out on HuffPo, here’s a sample of what they have to say…

Tiphany wrote a piece on feeling confined by labels, as well as the work she does to confront people who want to apply labels to her and the world around her. “From my own personal experience, labeling is just a quick fix to understand someone,” she says. “Our society loves a box, and it is just convenient for all.”

Mia has a great take on disability in the workplace, in which she discusses her interaction with disability issues throughout her career. I love her concluding line, because it sums up my own philosophy about access: “My hope is that some day business owners will not have to know someone personally to care about making their environment accessible. Because it helps society, it will be a change they want to make, not feel forced to make.”

You can also learn a little more about what makes Mia tick in this HuffPo interview. She loves to be challenged, and she also touches on the way that fear can interfere with your life, making it difficult to realize your dreams. “Fear is a form of control,” she says. “When you fear something, it gives you an excuse. It gives you an excuse not to do, or not to accept, and I think that finally accepting is actually an important part of life, no matter what.”

Speaking of fearless, here’s Angela in her own interview. I loved reading about her relationship with her body: “I look at my body now, and I love who I am! I embrace my body now. I’m so comfortable in my skin. When I was walking and had a great body, I wasn’t comfortable in my skin.” And her relationship with her identity: “I’m a female, I’m an Asian-American and I deal with paralysis. I have three minorities against me. So what! Let’s take that and let’s make it amazing.”

Auti talked about pregnancy and paraplegia in a very frank, beautiful piece confronting attitudes about pregnancy and disability. She also makes a sharp point: “Bottom line, there are more young disabled people than ever who want what life has to offer. We need to get used to it. We are all going to be living side by side reaching for the same American dream.”

Another poignant piece from Auti discusses how you can become stronger through the storm; she writes about weathering the storms in her own life, and the fact that everyone faces a storm eventually. As she puts it, “you are stronger than you think,” even if healing takes time.

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